Why Twitter is Important for Blog Promotion

Twitter is a very powerful tool that was launched in 2006 and became very popular in 2007. It is a social network as well as an instant messenger. It also provides blogging service to keep your friends updated about you.

It is a real pleasure to use twitter as it helps to find an element of entertainment in this busy era. You are able to communicate your daily routine with your friends, when you will be available and when not, what is happening in your life and how do you feel about it. It is also an effective tool to get updates about your loved ones.

Blog Promotion through Twitter

A very interesting feature of twitter is to build relationships which are vital for you to run a successful blog. You can actually generate a lot of traffic to your blog through twitter.  Here are some tips which will be helpful for using twitter effectively for your blog promotion:

  • Increasing Traffic

Your tweets can play a vital role in increasing traffic to your blog. If you are interested in adding a new feature to your blog, simply promote it by sending tweet to your group. You will ultimately find an excellent increase in your blog traffic. If you are able to grab viewers’ attention upon their first visit, there are bright chances of their future visits too.

  • Helpful Community

It helps you to become a part of community related to your niche. These people can provide you excellent feedback on your blog. This way, you are able to broaden up your exposure and find areas for continuous improvement.

  • Increasing Contacts

You are better able to build relationships with a large variety of people. These business contacts are assets if you want a job related to your niche, want to share your ideas with your peers or simply if you are searching for a fresh candidate for your blog.

  • Creative Ideas

Twitter can help you to find creative and fresh ideas for your blog posts. You can simply read some tweets and get an innovative idea about your blog.

  • Providing Live Coverage

Sending of multiple tweets is possible with your blog, if you are attending a conference and want to share the information with others.

  • Back Links

Twitter is a very good source of providing back links to bloggers.

  • Learning from others

Another big advantage of Twitter which is highly beneficial for you as a blogger is that it provides the opportunity of learning from others. Feel free to ask questions about your problem areas. Be helpful for others and others will be for you. Suggestions from other experts can prove to be highly beneficial.

Twitter is therefore a very effective medium to promote your blog. Communication through tweets increases your knowledge and helps to get a command over your subject by asking and answering related questions. It provides opportunities to groom yourself as an expert in your niche and eventually increases your blog’s credibility.

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