Want A Great Immunity? Eat These Foods

It takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away, and well a decent diet all around is helpful there are 9 foods that can give your immunity an extra boost.

ddf-adp-yogurt-types-1Yogurt: The probiotics found in yogurt help to protect your gut and intestinal track clean from disease. A study was conducted in Sweden where employees of a factory drank a daily supplement of Lactobacillus Reuteri (specific probiotic) which is known to stimulate white blood cells. These employees took fewer sick days then their counterparts who had taken the placebo.

sweet_potatoSweet Potatoes: Our skin is very important it provides a first line of defense against bacteria. To keep our skin strong it needs vitamin A. The best way to get Vitamin A into your body is to eat foods rich in Beta Carotene. Sweet Potatoes are not only healthy but provide you with 40% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. If you are looking for other foods rich in Beta Carotene go for orange foods; carrots, squash,pumpkin etc.

tea_with_mintTea: A study conducted by Harvard immunologists showed that people who consumed 5 cups of black tea per day for 2 weeks improved their T cells which pumped out 10 times more interferon; a cold and flu fighter. Other conditions may be improved by an increase in interferon such as food poisoning, athlete’s foot etc.

chicken-soup_0Chicken Soup: University of Nebraska researchers found that 13 of the soups they studied blocked migration of inflammatory white cells. Unfortunately chicken flavoured ichi ban doesn’t count. The saltiness of the broth helps keep mucus away similar to the effects of cough medicine. If you want to give your chicken soup an extra boost add some garlic and onions.

Beef steakBeef: Zinc is very important for the development of white blood cells. Even just a small deficiency can increase your risk to infections. Many people don’t get enough zinc especially vegetarians. If you don’t like beef, then try cereals, milk, yogurt, poultry,  etc.

mushroomsMushrooms: Mushrooms that pack the biggest bang for your health include shitakes, and maitake mushrooms. Mushrooms increase activity and production of white blood cells. Adding mushrooms to your diet can be as easy as adding them to pasta sauce, stirfries, burgers, etc.

salmon45Fish/Shellfish: Cytokin production is increased when you get adequate levels of selenium. Cytokins are important for getting cold and flu cells out of your body. Selenium rich foods include; crabs, oysters, lobsters, etc.

garlicGarlic: Garlic is important in the fight against infections and bacteria’s this is thanks to the ingredient Allicin. Studies have shown if garlic intake is enough it reduces risk of colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and the common cold.

oatsOats/Barley: Have antioxidant capabilities. Not only does it boost immunity it speeds healing and may help your antibiotics work better.


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  1. Rodent bassist Avatar

    Thanks for this post! Very helpful for us 40+ guys!

    1. Dave Avatar

      Thanks for the comment. I’m happy I can help.

  2. mattresses Avatar

    I like all these food too much.

  3. Yogurt Maker Avatar

    Thanks for the posts I really enjoy some of these foods.

  4. Goji Juice Avatar

    I love garlic, but I’m not very sure if people around me like it too 😛
    Anyway, many berries are also said to help the immune system, especially some which are considered rather exotic, like the acai palm berry and the goji berry (also called wolfberry in Europe).