Usher seen wearing Cartier’s $30k Ballon Bleu

Few brands are as suitably associated with luxury and excess than Cartier watches. Not only are they consistently the Royal Family’s timepiece of choice, but they have also gained recent street-cred thanks to shopping sprees by R&B legend Usher Raymond IV.

The combination of elegance and decadence is typified in Cartier’s recent design for the “Ballon Bleu” (below) which boasts 18 carat white gold, opaline & guilloché dial, and sword-shaped blue steel hands.

Estimated to be worth around $30,100 its no surprise that Usher looks so happy whilst wearing it at a recent event (below). The stunning showpiece attracts the kinds of attention that Usher is used to, but with a range of more affordable alternatives, Cartier are ensuring that us regular folk can look just as good (well almost!).


Credit: Images courtesy of  The Watch Gallery and Upscale Hype