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  • Men vs. Women

    Why is it that God has seen fit to make women and men so different? Besides the obvious differences, genitalia, femininity, child bearing and menstrual cycles, there are a thousand diametrical contradictions between us. It’s because of his sense of humor, that’s why. He had just finished building the earth, heavens and eternity and when…

  • Bingo: How to Know When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

    The crazy world of relationships can be hard to navigate, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof roadmap you can follow that will direct the way to the person with whom you are supposed to spend your life. It is inevitable, when you make yourself available on the dating scene, that you open…

  • The Top 7 Male Jobs That Women Find Attractive

    I’ve been constantly discussing the fact that, what you do, as a job, isn’t really important as long as you have game but, at some point into the conversation she will want to know exactly what you occupy your time with. If you want to rack up some extra points make sure you tell her…

  • Are Man Boobs Ruining Your Dating Prospects?

    Man boobs or gynecomastia as it is medically known have as much or more of an affect on our mind as they do on our body. That feeling of embarrassment or shyness could be affecting your dating or relationship habits.

  • How To Prevent Your Partner From Cheating

    Many relationships at some point are confronted with the issues of infidelity. Don’t let it go that far. Do something before it happens.

  • Getting Beyond “He Said/She Said”

    The term, “He said/she said” is often heard in the unfortunate case of rape.  In this situation the term applies to the fact that when there is little factual evidence on which to base a decision the jury is left trying to determine who’s story they believe and the case becomes one of her word…

  • How to Forgive AND Forget

    We have heard the saying many times that, “It’s easier to forgive than to forget,” but the truth is that unless you are capable of forgetting you never really forgive.  Forgiveness is the act of excusing someone for their offense but unless you are also willing to forget their transgression you aren’t truly forgiving them. …

  • How to Fight Fairly

    In any relationship worth having conflict is bound to arise.  The true test of the relationship is whether or not you feel that it is worthwhile to resolve these conflicts and if you are able to do so in a fair and objective way.  Key elements to fighting fairly include sticking to the issue at…

  • Is it Cheating? Internet Flirtations, Affairs and Love Connections

    Cheating used to be very black and white. However these days a lot of men would like to think the internet has created a million shades of grey. It’s fairly easy to define a behavior that creates feelings of emotional or sexual betrayal.

  • Emotional Infidelity in a Relationship: What is Emotional Cheating?

    People define cheating differently. Some people define it as an emotional act as well as a physical act and others just define it as a physical act. That topic alone can cause some issues in a relationship if both parties define cheating differently.