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  • Malewail TV Episode Two

    If you have a question for Dirty or Dave email us askmalewail [at] malewail.com or leave a comment here. Links from the Video Plenty of fish Zoosk Craigslist Pearl Jam

  • Malewail TV Episode One

    First Episode of Malewail TV. We answer readers questions, tell Jokes, talk Slayer, and Sexy Sunday. Its pretty rough around the edges. It will only get better as more episodes get taped.

  • Entrecard Ads

    You an now purchase ads on Malewail,  JD Sitecare and Calgary Blog using Entrecard credits. The price for a 125 x 125px ad will be $5.00 for 30days. Or it will translate to 625 EC. I have set each $1.00 to equal 125 EC. To buy an Ad for 30 days on Malewail please visit…