Tag: Cheating

  • How to stop cheating for loved ones

    Cheating is a popular game. It is a popular game to be with someone else emotionally and sexually when you have already established that you are serious about one main person. It has become so popular that it is seen as the norm in the western culture. It is nothing “˜new under the sun’ and…

  • Is it Cheating? Internet Flirtations, Affairs and Love Connections

    Cheating used to be very black and white. However these days a lot of men would like to think the internet has created a million shades of grey. It’s fairly easy to define a behavior that creates feelings of emotional or sexual betrayal.

  • Emotional Infidelity in a Relationship: What is Emotional Cheating?

    People define cheating differently. Some people define it as an emotional act as well as a physical act and others just define it as a physical act. That topic alone can cause some issues in a relationship if both parties define cheating differently.

  • Why Women Cheat

    Years ago a woman cheating on her spouse was unheard of but in modern times the number of women who cheat on their spouse is growing exponentially.  The differences in men and women cheating is that men often cheat for physical reasons while women often have emotional reasons for cheating on their partner.  The reasons…

  • Take The Plunge

    We know this sounds crazy—a site about “wedding planning,” for men? Written by men? Really? Really. And here’s the even crazier thing: it’s good.  Enter ThePlunge.com. For the first time, someone’s written about grooms, engagements, and weddings from an authentic guy’s point of view. You won’t find crap on florists or stationary. Instead, the articles…