Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 61-70

61. Have Sex: Men who have sex at least twice a week lower the risk of stroke. Having sex may also lower your risk of heart disease.

62. Take Monday Off: Taking a few days off of work every now and then can reduce heart attack and stroke risk by up to 30 %.

63. Enjoy some oatmeal cookies: Men suffering from high cholesterol who consumed oatmeal cookies everyday for 8 weeks dropped bad LDL cholesterol levels by over 20%.

64. Pull it: 65% of men by the age of 20 have at least one misaligned wisdom tooth which would never come in properly. By leaving the tooth in you run the risk of getting a bacterial infection. You may even develop Periodontal disease which is linked to heart disease.

65. Toss olive oil in your salad: Diets that include at least 2 ounces of olive oil can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks by 82%. Rich in monounsaturated fats olive oil can lower LDL levels.

66. Get your BP under 120/80: Stay below this number and you cut the risk of dying of heart disease in half.

67. Consume potassium: Eat a banana or bake a sweet potato with spinach to get potassium. Getting your daily level of potassium you reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

68. Eat fiber: Taking a fibre supplement like Metamucil before meals can slow the digestion of sweets and high processed starches. These foods are bad for your blood sugar and can increase heart disease risks.

69. Lower your BMI: Having a BMI over 25 can increase your heart disease risk by 26%.

70. Pick French wine instead of German: French wines contain 4 times more artery protecting enzymes.





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  1. bukmacher Avatar

    61. have sex is most important.wish all the best from poland