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  1. Krys

    That’s it? 25 lines?

    If I was to write about things that irritate me about other people on the roads, it’d end up being a book. I totally know where you’re coming from. I drive extremely defensively, as if everyone else is an idiot, because I’m usually pleasantly surprised but I’m not caught off guard when I’m right. And I’m guaranteed to be right at some point.

    Few of my peeves:
    People that turn on their signal last moment and try to force themselves in. If you had used that flashing light to let me know you intended on changing lanes I would have been more than happy to let you in. I can’t read your expletive mind.

    People going below the speed limit (under completely normal conditions), which end up being a hazard more than they think they’re being safe.

    People tailgatting me doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t intimidate me. If they do end up bothering me, I’ll tap the brakes (or slam on them depending on how I feel).

    And finally, people not paying attention, or who just seem like they can’t handle the coordination between vision, hands, and feet.

    Oh, there’s more…

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