Nintendo Announces New Video Game Console At E3

Nintendo Announces New Video Game Console At E3

Nintendo had some big news last week at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in LA. Nintendo during their big press conference announced that they would be the first of the big 3 console manufacturers to refresh their console. The new game system is called the Wii U and here are
the reasons to be excited.

One of the main things holding the first Wii back was in an age of HD graphics it was still pushing PS2 level gameplay graphics. The Wii U is changing all of that, early reports from third party developers are saying that it is at least as powerful as the 360 and that we should expect some amazing things when it comes out next year.

Games Library
The other main problem most gamers had with the Wii was its lack of good games. Sure Wii sports was fun for a while and there were a few gems like Mario but besides that there was almost nothing to play. This was primarily because developers were designing HD games to run on the 360 and PS3 and the Wii just couldn’t handle it. With the new more powerful Wii U we can expect to see games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed as well as HD Nintendo first party games like Mario and Zelda. As an added bonus all of your old Wii games also work.

By far the most exciting thing about the new Wii U is it’s controller. Not only does it offer the same motion capabilities as the wiimote but it also features a huge 6-inch LCD touch screen you can use to play games. The new controller is a cross between the joy pad controls found on the new 3DS and an IPad allowing for a truly revolutionary game play experience. Unfortunately there isn’t any price or specific release date yet but we do know that it will be avalible for purchase before the holidays in 2012.

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