Money Saving Tips 46-50

Use the 10 second rule. Whenever you are in the grocery store or any store use the 10 second rule. That means if you pick something up to put in your cart look at it and think for 10 seconds and ask yourself why I am buying this? Do I need this? If you really take the time to think then you can save yourself a lot of money. This is a really good rule out there for all you impulse shoppers.

Use visual reminders. Make a giant bar that shows how much debt you have on one end and zero on the other. Then each time you pay down some of your debt fill in your chart. This allows you to keep track of your progress and manage your debt.

Eat a balanced breakfast. By eating a balanced breakfast it allows you to avoid the temptations at work the sugary doughnuts or that vending machine filled with junk food. By eating a well balanced breakfast it also stops you from overindulging at lunch.

Jazz up your leftovers. Don’t throw out leftovers because you think they are just going to be bland and no one will eat it. For example instead of throwing out your leftover chilli take that chilli and use it for spaghetti sauce or use it as a base for sloppy joes.

Brown bag it. Buying lunch at school or work can add up to a lot of money and isn’t necessarily the most healthy. Instead spend that money and buy some stuff to pack for lunches. Yogurts, fresh fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, crackers etc.





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  1. webtarhely Avatar

    You have a lot of great tips on this site I have also found that eating before going shopping can control wild spending at the grocery store.