Men’s Wedding Bands: Which One is Right for Him?

No matter how much experience you have buying jewelry for yourself, you might find yourself at a loss when it comes time to find his perfect wedding band. For as simple as men’s wedding bands can look, they can be surprisingly complex with their sheer number of metal and material options. To help you narrow down which wedding ring is right for him, here are some different types of men paired with their ideal ring match.

The man: He’s the textbook definition of a traditional man.
The band:
For the traditionalist, there is no other wedding ring but the classic yellow gold band. While you may find yourself wishing that he would branch out a little in his tastes, consider this: gold offers the exclusive quality of being the only naturally occurring yellow metal. This has made gold one of the most revered metals since the Ancient Egyptians, and gold men’s wedding bands have rightfully remained the preeminent choice ever since. You can also always opt for a more modern white gold, or vintage-inspired rose gold for his band.

The man: Luxury is his middle name.
The band:
Once declared by King Louis XV of France to be the only metal “fit for a king,” platinum is almost always the preferred choice of lovers of luxury. This rare and precious white metal is usually the most expensive option seen on the men’s wedding bands market, but its incomparably attractive look and noted durability make it well worth the price tag. Just be aware: platinum is not immune to scratches, although its unique density means that no surface volume is lost – it’s simply moved around. As a result, most men’s platinum wedding bands will inevitably acquire a pleasant patina with daily wear.

The man: He may look like the average guy, but he always strikes his own path.
The band:
For the guy who appreciates a classic look but requires something a little more individual, palladium is an excellent choice. A member of the platinum group metals (PGM), palladium has platinum’s lustrous white metal appearance but is generally less expensive and also slightly less durable. Used as a high grade alloying agent for white gold since the early 20th century, palladium has more recently come into its own as a mainstream material for men’s wedding bands.

The man: He loves you, but he hates wearing jewelry.
The band:
If getting him to wear his wedding ring on a regular basis is going to be similar to pulling teeth, consider titanium or ceramic men’s wedding bands. Both of these materials are incredibly lightweight, and should mollify even the most jewelry-phobic man. Made from the naturally gunmetal grey metal of the same name, titanium men’s wedding bands are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those with sensitive or allergic skin.
Ceramic men’s wedding bands are usually made from titanium carbide, a combination of titanium metal and carbon atoms. These rings are usually seen in a striking black hue, and offer impressive durability and scratch-resistance. On the downside, neither titanium nor ceramic men’s wedding bands are resizable.

The man: He wants it all – as long as the price is right.

The band: If your man has a wish list that’s a mile long but appreciates a good deal more than anything.

Cobalt chrome or Argentium silver is the material for him. A metallic alloy of cobalt and chromium, cobalt chrome men’s wedding bands have the classic white metal look of more expensive precious metals like platinum and white gold. Cobalt chrome rings are durable, scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, hypoallergenic, and unlike most other contemporary materials, resizable.

For those seeking a more traditional material (albeit one with a twist), try Argentium silver. This sterling silver alloy employs the alloying metalloid germanium for increased tarnish-resistance and durability.

By carefully selecting a wedding band that suits your man to a T, you’re showing him just how well you know him, as well as getting him the perfect ring to wear for the many years ahead of you.

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