Kicking off Stampede

As Calgary kicks off Stampede week with the Royals Will & Kate starting the Parade.  Us at Malewail started our Stampede week at the Century Casino with Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason.  Myself not being a major fan was surprised to find I was a bigger fan then I knew.  Song after song hit after hit I realized that I had been enjoying Wide Mouth Mason and Big Sugar on the radio through out the last decade.  It was a light-hearted love filled energy that emanated from the bands and the crowd.  Starting off the night was Wide Mouth Mason with only three members in the band leaving you wondering where all the great sound was coming from.  Of course three is all they needed with the diverse talent they bring to the stage.  As the night progressed the bass player from Wide Mouth Mason made a quick costume change and took his place as lead guitar and vocals for Big Sugar.  Again reminding us of the diverse talent on the stage.  Big Sugar also  adorned the stage with a myriad of talent including the lead singers daughter who sang back up vocals.  Makes you wonder if we will be listening to her stuff on the radio over the next decades to come. There is so much to say about the talent and professionalism on the stage last night. So I can only recommend that you check out their web sites and look for a future date and get out and see them.