1. Nanna Jenssen

    I think that in a relationship one has to have faith in the husband or the wife. Just relax and enjoy the life with your friend. Do not worry to much. Of course one has thoughts about making love with other men/women, but as long it stays with thoughts everything is alright. The day may come when you discover your friend is cheating, but until then just enjoy the life and don't worry to much. Jealousy has destroyed a lot of relationships unnecessarily.

  2. steve

    I think there are many ways to look at it and as you say there is a gray area now which has opened up a lot of different doors. Cheating is seen differently by different people, I know my girlfriend would find it odd if I opened up to another woman as I am a fairly shy person with my thoughts – so to share anything with somebody else would really hurt her but then is that cheating.

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