How Blogging Platforms Work Effectively


Blogging is a wonderful way of connecting with your audience if you have an online business. It is because blogging gives the chance to provide useful and valuable information to your customers and prospects. Likewise, it also helps in selling your services and products as well as driving traffic to the website. On the other hand, before starting to create a blog it is necessary to choose the right blogging platform that will work effectively.

Recommended blogging platforms

  1.  WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform that most people use. You can choose from the options either the free option or the fee hosted option. If you will choose the fee hosted option, you can find affordable hosting companies as well as monetize your site with affiliate programs and with Google Ad Sense. On the contrary, if you will choose the free version, you should expect that the option is very limited.  It is very easy to install WordPress as long as you have the cPanel and Fantastico. By using this blogging platform you can expect excellent blogging opportunity.


People who think that WordPress is complicated prefer using This blogging platform is offering several features such as variety of templates, free services and many more. Likewise, this platform is perfect for both professional and personal use. It is because the user can take advantage with the free services, use different templates and add their own domain. In the same manner, is ideal if you are just starting an account because you can immediately start along with the existing Google accounts.

  1.  Tumblr

Another new blogging platform that works effectively is the Tumblr. This platform allows the bloggers not only to post text on the blogs but also other media including video, photos and others. In addition, this blogging platform allows the blogger to share anything found on the net to their readers. Indeed, by using Tumblr it is very easy to connect with your readers.

Features of A Good Blogging Platform

  1. Ease of use – It is important to choose blogging platform that has intuitive interface as well as useful information.
  2. Functionality – The platform should be user friendly for the customers and prospects. This means that it should be easy to use and navigate.
  3. Features – Choose blogging platform that can answer all your blogging needs such as taking feedback, hosting contests as well as selling products and services.
  4. Customization – The platform should help in making a blog exactly what you want without using a lot of money, time and effort.
  5. Reputation – Choose a blogging platform that will be around for many years so that you need not switch to another platform.

Things to Consider Before Choosing A Blogging Platform

Before choosing the right blogging platform it is important to determine first the type of blog to accomplish. Likewise, you should also consider where your blog will be hosted. Finally, before choosing a platform makes sure to read everything about it and how it will work effectively.

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