Sexy Sunday 42

Breann McGregor 4

Breann McGregor

Breann McGregor was born in New Orleans in 1985. From an early age she was interested in acting. She often took her mothers camera and pretended she was being filmed. In 2005 she appeared in the movie “Waiting.” McGregor dreamed of posing for Playboy. When she was 5 years old she came across some of her dad’s magazines and discovered within the pages of them were beautiful women. In high school Breann wasn’t popular. Girls would make fun of her and guys didn’t notice her. So she focused on reading books and being active. She managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA in school. In college she is pursuing a Majors Degree in Communications. Before hurricane Katrina Breann was in a car accident and had to wear a neck brace for 3 months. A month after her full recovery Katrina and Rita hit and she and many other people were displaced. Since then she’s posed for Playboy’s Lingerie Issue and was named Cyber Girl of the Month, as well as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year.





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  1. deep7up Avatar

    Supah! Rocking!!!!

  2. Web King Avatar

    Wow…it doesn’t get much better than that without being 18+. Pretty fine right there.