1. Angular Cheilitis

    How many people would it take for the boycott to be noticed? I mean the Olympics are a world wide sport. How many individuals would we need to rally together to support the cause?

  2. Sandy

    Hmmm, as stupid as this sounds, quite a few lol.

    They way I’m looking at it is I’m going to try and convince my friends to agree to the boycott and ask them to ask other people in their lives as well. Kind of a pay it forward deal.

    I am actually going to add a petition to the site and see if we can get a few commitments on this.

    Also I find it highly ironic that google ads is now running Olympic advertisments on the post….kinda counter productive I think :/

  3. Drunken Dragon

    Hmm… I hate Human Right violation in China. I just hope they can change their policies to be better since this event.

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