Bingo: How to Know When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

The crazy world of relationships can be hard to navigate, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof roadmap you can follow that will direct the way to the person with whom you are supposed to spend your life. It is inevitable, when you make yourself available on the dating scene, that you open yourself up to the potential for both happiness and heartbreak. When you finally find your soul mate, however, you will realize that all the searching was worth it. Everyone is different, of course, but these general guidelines can help you decide whether you really have found your soul mate.

Relationship Feels Natural

First, the relationship should simply feel natural. When you are with your soul mate, the interactions you share should feel effortless. You should not be trying to appear somebody you are not. This does not mean that you should not try to impress your significant other by being the best person you can be. It simply means that you feel comfortable enough around them to be authentic and genuine. True intimacy is about taking off the masks that we so often wear to please other people, and instead simply being real. Your soul mate will appreciate you for who you are regardless of your flaws. Some people suggest marrying your best friend. While not necessarily the most dramatic advice, the real point in this wisdom is that your soul mate should feel like your closest friend, no matter what.

Mutual Attraction

Second, you and your significant other should of course be attracted to one another. Soul mates feel magnetically drawn together. They desire to connect with each other in all aspects of the human experience. While physical attraction is important, soul mates also desire to experience connection emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. Sexual attraction is simply one indicator of this broader and deeper connection. Sex in its purest form is not only a physical act, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. You know a person is your soul mate when you desire to connect with them on all levels more than with anyone else in the world.

Sacrificial Commitment

Finally, you and your significant other should demonstrate sacrificial commitment to each other. Soul mates see themselves in the other. They are willing to give of themselves for the betterment of the other person. If you and your significant other regularly make sacrifices for one another, not because you are asked but because you want to do so, that is a good indicator that your relationship is meant to last.
If you experience these three things with your significant other, you can be confidant that you have found your soul mate. The relationship feels natural and you are comfortable around the other person. You two feel strong attraction for one another. You are both willing to give things up for the benefit of the other and for the betterment of the relationship. Only soul mates experience this, and only soul mates act like this. Do not let that person go. You two were meant to be together.


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Guest post contributed by Matthew Sullivan on behalf of the Matthew is a freelance writer and has worked extensively as a relationship counselor. His articles appear on various online relationship publications.