Become More Healthy Tips 31-40

31. Spinach is healthy and low in calories. Add it as salad to your sandwiches, put it in your soups, add it to your heated pasta and place it in salads.

32. If you really hate cutting fruits and vegetables or don’t have the time spend the extra cash to get the pre-chopped or pre-bagged fruits and vegetables.

33. If you don’t enjoy vegetables try eating some fruit and switch it up a bit. You still need to be careful when eating fruit because you can still gain weight if you eat to much.

34. Buy several types of your favourite vegetables frozen so they last longer. You can get anything frozen; corn, carrots, spinach, mixed vegetables, Brussel sprouts etc.

35. When eating remember the best portion for high calorie foods is the smallest one and the best portion for vegetables is the biggest one.

36. If you want food but suspect you could be stressed or bored try to focus your attention elsewhere by reading a book or taking a stroll in the park.

37. If you are thinking about eating something that is unhealthy for you ask yourself if it’s really worth it and will you feel better after you eat it.

38. Remember things take time and your progress may be slower then you like, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.

39. Remember that it is more stressful being overweight then it is to stop overeating.

40. Don’t skip meals. You may think if you skip meals you can bank calories but skipping meals slows your metabolism and can lead to binges. If you know you are going to be indulging in a high calorie dinner then try to eat healthier throughout the day eat some fruit for breakfast with an egg white omelette and enjoy a garden salad for lunch. This way when dinner rolls around you won’t feel guilty and you won’t be starving.





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  1. Arya Avatar

    nice tips…!! i think we can more healthy wit alot of way