$2800, with no effort.

I have made the easiest $2800 ever, and it will only keep making more money.  The secret to making this money don’t involve making money online. You don’t need Google Adsense or an affiliate program. No special marketing skills or product promoting is required. The Key to making this money is a $34.99 investment.

Go out and buy a 20-piece hair cut kit. Cut your hair yourself each month and save the cost of a hair cut each month. The average price of a hair cut is $15.10. At the age of fourteen I got my first hair clipper, I have not paid for a hair cut since. It has now been sixteen years. One hair cut a month for 16 years really adds up. The rough math makes that $2880. Minus the price of the Hair Clipper. I had to buy a second Hair Clipper because the first one broke. But at only $34.99 and only spending that twice in sixteen years there is a good return on the investment. So with that said and the lack of a stylish hair cut I have essentially made $2800 with very little investment. And if you go from getting a hair cut at a Salon the saving will increase dramatically. So I expect to see more people around with shaved heads or really bad hair cuts in the near future.

Any comments or other great money saving tips please let me know?

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3 responses to “$2800, with no effort.”

  1. Ann Bernard Avatar

    Hmm…good solid math and plan, but certainly doesn’t work for everyone 😉

    1. Dave Avatar

      I guess I have been Doing it so long that I look funny with hair now.

  2. Abhi Avatar

    nice ,
    so anyone really said you i will try it out??