10 Of The Most Famous Islands For A Summer Vacation

Islands usually offer the best vacation experiences that many people look forward to having. Most of the beaches in the world offer a wide array of opportunities for fun and adventure but these are just a number out of the thousands that have the sandy serene beaches. Locating a summer vacation with kids (the Danish term is sommerferie med børn) spot is not so hard when one considers the following list of the world’s most beautiful and scenic islands.


  • Seychelles: It’s hard to overlook what beauty nature has to offer. The sandy beautiful beaches give a tourist the very connection they need of the body and soul. There are extremely amazing undersea exploration adventures. Rare bird species and extra huge tortoises with the warm equatorial climate make a perfect match for a holiday.


  • Maldives: Located in the Indian Ocean, these are some of the world’s most exotic islands. The coral reefs, the white sandy beaches, the suspended hotel rooms make all these so dreamy. A vacation on the Maldives will definitely get even the less optimistic people to open up to life.


  • Bora Bora: This is simply heaven on earth. There is no other place that soothes the heart, soul and mind like the hatched houses of the Bora Bora located in the middle of the Pacific. Surrounded by mountains and painted with a splash of palm trees, it is simply the best place to be.


  • Santorini: A spectacular island in the Aegean region that offers the best beaches for honeymoon goers. With a rich history that reeks in this Greek island going all the way back to the Neolithic times.


  • Cayman Islands: there are a lot of things that a person can enjoy when on the Cayman Islands. This is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are all type of adventure activities that one can indulge themselves in during their summer vacation like scuba diving, hiking, swimming and having a good time.


  • French Polynesia: the breathtaking view of the island tempts everyone to return. There is more than the sand on this island and one can definitely find it in the locals. Sugar-sandy beaches top the cream.


  • Tiamon Island Pahang: breathtakingly beautiful, that is what Pulau Tioman Island is. There are long miles of sandy explicitly beautiful beaches that make all who daydream get their wishes, because this is simply heavenly. The most hospitable people combined with the warm weather and the explicitly beautiful hotel rooms make the trip worth every coin spent.


  • Virgin Islands: the best hideaways of the 21st century. For those who love to have a ball every other day during their vacation, this is the exact spot that they should be running to. Sunbathing, scuba diving and all other fun things are done here.


  • Fiji: Of the hundreds of islands that make up Fiji, there is possibly nothing that this island doesn’t have. Long beaches, beautiful scenic landscapes, explicit hotels and hospitable people are here to welcome all tourists.


  • Mauritius: Mauritius is loved most because of its warm weather throughout the year. The beaches which are nothing but beautiful are all very welcoming. Sunbathing and romantic vacations are top on the list here.