Women You Should Not Date

Gold Diggers:

There is nothing wrong with paying for dates or buying gifts especially if you really like doing it. The problem is when the girl starts to expect it from you all the time and when she wants only expensive things. In today’s day and age it doesn’t hurt for the woman to pick up the bill every now and then. They want to be treated like equals then they should act like equals too.

Chronic Cheaters:

You find out that the girl you have been with has cheated on you . You go through the fighting and talking and work things out. Next thing you know your friends and family are telling you they see her hanging off random guys. If she cheats on you once it’s up to you if you want to forgive her. If she cheats on you again then you don’t need to make the mistake of forgiving her again.

Girls with Baggage:

These girls are worse then gold diggers. Gold diggers take your money but you can get that back with hard work and time. Baggage girls are so depressed that they will pull you down with them until you feel as miserable as them if not worse. These girls have too many issues and until they sort them out they should not even attempt to be in a relationship with anyone.

Self-proclaimed Princesses:

These girls won’t even break a sweat. They go to the nail and hair salon every other week. They don’t do any cleaning. They expect you to carry them over puddles or make it stop raining. All that these girls want is to sit around and be pampered. Not to mention they think they are better then everyone and totally self absorbed. If she is willing to try and fit into your world and comprise then by all means date her but if she’s not going to sacrifice some things then kick her to the curb.

Chronic Bitch:

She finds reasons to pick fights and she enjoys fighting with you. Her total goal in life is to make you miserable and show you that shes right and you’re wrong. Guilt is her weapon of choice. One thing to look out for is negativity. On your first date if anything negative comes out of her mouth about you then get out while you can.