Win An 8 Gig iPod Touch

The Big Bald Blog is running a contest for an 8 Gig iPod Touch. Here is a complete list of what you would win if you are the lucky winner.

1. An 8 Gig iPod Touch
2. 500 Entrecard Credits
3. A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads
4. Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear. You’ll get shirts, shorts, stickers and if you are female we even have some “boy shorts”, ringer shirts, tanks and thongs that we can throw in on the deal. Guys, we will throw in an extra “Road Trip Rules for Guys” shirt.

And the rules are simple enough that any one can enter.

  • Subscribe to The Big Bald Blog’s RSS feed via the email subscription so h can track you as an entrant.
  • Blog about this contest linking back to this post with the anchor text of: “The Big Bald Blog” and the word “contest”.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the link to your post about this contest.

So go enter his contest and win yourself an 8 Gig iPod Touch. The only problem the contest is over today. Hopefully I’m not to late with my entry.






4 responses to “Win An 8 Gig iPod Touch”

  1. Scott | AndroidGuys Avatar

    OK wiseguy. Mr. “I hope I am not too late…” CONGRATS!

  2. Dave Avatar

    I really didn’t know. How sweet is that to win an Ipod.

  3. joanjoyce Avatar

    Congrats Dave 🙂

  4. rhyan Avatar

    congratulations dude 🙂