Why Choose Men’s Gold Wedding Rings?

With so many precious and contemporary materials currently available for men’s wedding bands, it can be easy to lose sight of the original standard: gold. Why choose gold when there are less expensive and more durable materials on the market? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons why gold remains a relevant and smart choice for men’s wedding bands. Here are five major benefits of men’s gold wedding rings.

An incomparable luxury look

Why is gold so highly sought after? It turns out there is at least one very good reason. Gold is the only naturally occurring yellow metal, a trait that has been recognized as something unusual and special for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians prized gold over all other metals for use in their opulent jewelry, believing its distinct yellow hue was symbolically linked to the sun. Gold has historically been the choice of royalty all over the world, and even to modern peoples it still has an undeniably regal look.

A timeless value

Largely due to its unique exclusivity, gold has retained a high value throughout most of human existence, and has even served as a form of currency. While ancient monies were actually made out of gold or a gold alloy, gold has even helped establish some more modern forms of paper currency via the gold standard. This monetary system ensured the value and thus affirmed the validity of certain types of money by backing them with a pre-determined equivalent amount of gold.
Unlike other precious metals like platinum, which can experience significant dips in price with market fluctuations, gold tends to hold fast to its high value. In recent years gold prices have steadily (and at times dramatically) climbed, making shoppers and investors alike seek it out even more fervently.

Versatility in design

Though many people know gold to be a naturally soft material, they might not realize that it is in fact the most ductile and malleable metal known to man. Gold can be beaten into a sheet so thin that it becomes see-through. This incredible malleability means that gold can be rendered into a number of intricate designs in a way that virtually no other material can. Gold men’s wedding rings can range from ultra modern and contemporary in style to opulent decorative designs.

A rainbow of color options

Gold’s inherent softness means that most men’s gold wedding rings employ an alloy to make them durable enough for everyday wear. While gold is naturally yellow in color, the necessity to alloy gold has in turn yielded a number of possible color options. After yellow gold, the most popular color seen in men’s gold wedding rings is white gold, which is often chosen as a less expensive alternative to platinum. White gold commonly uses silver, nickel or palladium (for higher end alloys) as alloying agents.
Rose gold has an antique look that has recently become very sought after. This gold color is created by alloying pure gold with copper or copper and silver. While not as commonly seen as rose gold, other striking choices for men’s gold wedding rings include green gold and grey gold. Green gold offers more of an olivine color, and is alloyed with silver (with sometimes a little cadmium for even more of a true green). Grey gold uses a specific formulation of copper, silver and manganese, resulting in a warm taupe-like shade.

Affordable choices

Men’s gold wedding rings are available in a variety of different karat purities, which reflect the percentage of pure gold utilized versus alloying material. While higher purities like 18K or 20K can become quite costly, commonly seen 10K gold is quite cost-effective. This allows even those with more humble budgets to buy these coveted rings.

Other materials may come and go, but gold has held fast throughout history. Gold has been the standard for men’s wedding rings for thousands of years, and it will doubtlessly continue to be the apex of wedding bands for many more years to come.

Author Name/Pen Name: Tanya Zilinskas Naouri

Author Bio: Tanya is editor for Just Men’s Ring She is interested to write Men’s Wedding Ring  as well as men’s fashionable trends like to share her words on the same.