Where have all the Donuts Gone?

Source: WikipediaTim Horton’s which is usually open 24 hours a day, Is no longer a 24 hour place to get coffee and donuts. Most of the locations in Calgary are now not open through out the night because there just isn’t enough people to staff their locations. I worked quite a few night shift jobs where I always went to Tim Horton’s for lunch break. I can no longer do this because they are closed now. It’s amazing to think that a hugely successful coffee and donut shop can’t keep their stores open because there isn’t anyone to staff them. All day long there is a line of cars in their drive-thurs and people lined up in their stores. But the night owls can’t get their coffee fix there anymore. What are the police going to do? I’ve always seen police at Tim Horton’s at night. But where are they going to get their coffee fix? Maybe Wal-mart, it seems like they are the only people that can stay open 24 hours anymore.

So with that said, Calgary really has a huge staffing shortage. Check out some of the headlines in a Google Search for Calgary Staffing Shortage. Companies are always recruiting elsewhere in Canada and all over the world. We bring in workers from Mexico and the Philippines, but is still not helping with the high demand for workers. The other problem is a housing shortage.

Theses are just some of the downfalls of a booming economy. I guess I can do with out my late night donut and coffee.





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  1. Jolene Avatar

    I’ve dropped my card on your site many times before but never realized you were a fellow Calgarian! Guess I should have read your “about” section lol, didn’t even notice it up there.

    I can’t believe that Tim’s is having such a hard time getting employees. I mean wow, they are paying what is now? $12 an hour plus benefits to serve coffee! Just 5 or 6 years ago I didn’t even make that much managing a retail store and now I could make it doing something as simple as serving coffee…..hmm and to think I overheard someone not long ago saying “I mean, if I can’t find a job I can’t find a job man, it’s not my fault”…ummm yeah, right, because we all know how hard it is to pour coffee or say “Welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order please”…

    My husband’s company is bringing in a couple of guys from Mexico to work, of course that has been a year in the making and as of yet they are still not here.

  2. Dave Avatar

    I work in the staffing industry and it is unbelievable how hard it is to find people. A lot of the customers I service are bringing in Foreigners to staff their needs just because they can’t find anyone here.

    Thanks for stopping by. Check out my other site, which is neglected at the moment. http://calgaryblog.info But their is a directory there.

  3. Cajun George Avatar

    We have the same problem in Louisiana with staffing shortages. Mainly because of the hurricanes. People can make 10 times as much in construction, so the folks with little skills do that and leave doughnut shops w/o employees.



  4. cuzzy Avatar

    That is crazy to hear. I thought the only problem was when they ran out of eggs.