Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s

It is very harsh and pitiful for us to see the reality of aging. When we reach our golden years in life, we will be experiencing tons and tons of health problems. One of the health problems that aging people most commonly experience aside from arthritis is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects 4.5 million Americans that develop on people 65 or older.

Alzheimer’s makes a person have a difficulty living his or her daily life because a person will lose intellectual and social abilities. The healthy brain tissue will degenerate and cause the decline of memory and other mental abilities.

People who are suffering form Alzheimer’s disease will suffer from:

A person who is on the onset of suffering from Alzheimer’s will have period’s of forgetfulness. The person is most likely to forget recent events and directions. It may start out mildly but becomes worse in the long run. They will often misplace things and place it at very unusual places. They will often forget names, mot likely those of family members.

Most of us are very uneasy when it comes to numbers. However, when you    have Alzheimer’s you will even have more time dealing and recognizing numbers.

People who are affected by Alzheimer’s will have a hard time making conversation or find the right words to express their thoughts. Reading and writing will eventually be affected later on.

They will also suffer from disorientation. They will have no sense of time, dates and even places. They may even find themselves lost when they are in familiar settings. Be wary of them when they become disoriented because they might wander away.

A person with Alzheimer’s will have a problem doing regular things that require decision making, planning and judgment. Simple things like cooking will become difficult and may leave the stove open.

When the disease has progressed even more doing the most basic tasks will even take a harder time doing it. I.e., taking a bath or eating will be a very difficult task.

People who  are suffering from Alzheimer’s will have a personality change. So people who live with them or take care of them should learn to take care of them. They will become more stubborn, distrust almost anyone and withdraw socially. This is due to their frustrations really as they feel the uncontrollable change in their memory.

Other symptoms that come along with depression are that they might be depressed and restless. They may also behave with much aggression.

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