Weight Affects Sperm

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A recent study has shown that men with bigger waists also have to worry about the quality of their sperm. Bigger men are shown to have poor semen quality however experts aren’t sure if obese men are necessarily going to have problems having children.

Men are only half the equation to have children and if an obese man is with a healthy fertile partner then her fertility may make up where he may be lacking. So what happens if the woman is overweight or obese? There is already proof that obesity in women causes infertility which may cause problems in trying to conceive especially if the male is obese.

A study in Scotland gathered two groups of men. The group that was healthy and had a BMI of 20-25 were shown to have higher levels of sperm then those with a higher BMI who were overweight or obese. Bigger men were 60% more likely to have lower volumes of semen and 40% more likely to have abnormalities pertaining to their sperm. Men who are under weight were just as likely to have problems with their fertility. Factors such as age, smoking, drinking, and drugs were also considered in the study and have an obvious affect on sperm.

Temperature also influences sperm. Sperm is produced at a lower temperature then the body but obese men may be overheated due to their extra fat.

Though being over weight or obese may not make you completely infertile your weight is working against you. If you desire to be healthier and have children your better off becoming healthier for yourself and for your children or future children. Chances are if you are overweight and continue in your bad habits your kids will only follow in your footsteps and you might as well give them a death sentence. So get out there and do something about it.

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3 responses to “Weight Affects Sperm”

  1. Judit Avatar

    That is one more reason to start that diet. Although i am sure that is not the most important fact for sperm quality, but it has to be considered.

  2. Willing Avatar

    Couples find they are infertile are willing to try anything healthy that works. If slimming down can improve their chances, the will be motivated to do it.