Web Tools and Tips

Silki from webtoolsandtips.com has a very well written blog. She writes about web tools and firefox addon, along with many other great topics. There is also a great list of DoFollow blogs, and when you post 4 comments to her blog she will start giving you backlinks. I found her blog when she left a comment on one of my post. She brought up a good point about a nofollow link train I’m involved in.

“What may be the purpose of this link train, if it carried a nofollow tag.”

Well it is building technorati rank, and exposing the blogs that are entered to new audiences. And above all it is staying within the Google Guidelines.

Back to Silki, what I liked most about her blog is the way she is providing backlinks. You send her what you want linked and the keywords and she will include them in one of her post. And in return you do the same. She wrote a great post linking back to me. Thank you Silki for the links, I enjoy you blog.






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  1. Web tools Avatar

    Hi Dave,
    Nice words.
    I seem to be finding a new friend in you.
    Keep communicating.

    1. Dave Avatar

      You are very welcome. keep in touch.