Vacation Update

Well my vacation that started on Aug 3 2007 has ended. I go back to work on Monday. I camped at Handhills High Country Hideaway. It was a beautiful and peaceful campground east of Drumheller, Alberta. Of course i stayed in a tent that was shorter than me. I’m six foot two. The air mattress barely fit in the tent, there was no way i was sleeping on the ground. I didn’t get a picture of me hanging out of the tent however i did get a picture of the tent.


I really enjoyed being able to get away from work and the city. I did some fishing, which was unsuccessful. I sat by the fire and relaxed, roasted marsh mallows and hotdogs.

Even took some time to finish reading Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week. It was a great place to sit and read the chapter on Liberation. Makes it hard to go back to work, one week of isn’t enough time.

Oh well back to the grind, dealing with customers and clients that are so hard to keep happy. I work in the temporary staffing industry. Which is such high demand in the busy city of Calgary. Calgary currently has the highest demand for Labour in Canada. I see small and big businesses going out of business all the time. I’ll write more on that in a later post.

Back to the Vacation, Like I said in my last post I was going to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Which was awesome. It is a world class museum, it has the most extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and exhibits on prehistoric life. I made a couple of video’s of the visit. The quality is not the best but it shows most of the displays inside the museum.

That is one video of the displays in the museum, I could have spent hours video taping every little detail, but I would still be there taping. I also filmed the Jungle they have in the museum that resembles Alberta in prehistoric days.

It was pretty neat to walk into a Jungle although it was inside the museum.

Back at the campsite there was constantly these little bunnies running around. I got some more shaky video of the bunnies they were so funny.

On the last night the weather decide to go side ways on us. A big thunderstorm rolled in so we decided to get out of there before we got too wet. We video taped the trip back to Drumheller which included an interesting sunset.

That was all of the vacation. The rest of time I spent watching Movies and reading blogs.






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