Use Your T-shirt to Manipulate Communication

Alice Jenkins is a graphic designer, writer, and avid t-shirt wearer. She enjoys blogging about all aspects of design, but particularly current trends in pop and alternative-culture fashion. She currently writes for, where you can make Custom Design T Shirts Online.

You’re out on the town, trying to meet people, but small talk kills you. People ask so many questions. If only there was a way to convey information about yourself without having to say the same old thing. Well, here are a few clothing options that will answer those nagging small talk inquiries for you.

Sports Paraphernalia

By wearing team colors, you tell people you like a certain sport and a specific team in that sport. You may even have a shirt representing a certain player. Now instead of “So, do you like sports?” you can delve into a much more interesting conversation about why your player got shafted in the draft or how all of the steroid rumors are obviously a conspiracy to taint his name.


Sarcastic T shirts say a lot about you. 1.) You are smarter than everyone. 2.) You have an awesome sense of humor. 3.) Depending on the shirt, it may reveal hobbies or interests. Whether it is a pop culture pun, drinking ditty, or thinly veiled insult of society in general, your shirt will represent you well. It can express your love of video gaming, reading, or a certain movie, anything you like. You will at least scare away people who don’t like your “attitude” and maybe incite a snide comment or something from a random passerby. Also, People will laugh at your shirt and give you the credit for its cleverness.

Band Shirts

By wearing the name or even faces of those you look up to, you are telling the world that they are your hero. People will suddenly realize what an awesome band they are and spend tons of money to see them. Then the band will go mainstream, get lots of hits, and become a bunch of jerks. Or you can impress girls with your extensive knowledge of a band that they’ve never heard of. You could be responsible for the resurging interest of the Beatles. At the very least, you cut down the conversation about your musical tastes to just focus on the interesting (to you) parts.


If you only are out and about to raise awareness for a certain organization, then wearing a representative t-shirt can really speed things up to the point where you get to your spiel. If they don’t ask about the shirt, you can always skip it in to conversation and then say “Oh wow, I’m even wearing their shirt today, cool.” And then segue into the heart of the matter. You may bore the other person, but you get to talk about something dear to your heart and your shirt just made the matter more readily available.

These are just a few strategies you can use to steer the conversation in the direction that you want, or away entirely. By being deliberate about your wardrobe, you can tailor any situation to your desires and eliminate pesky small talk once and for all.