Turn Your 3G IPad Into A Giant Phone With Phoneitipad

Many users have been hoping for a time when they could ditch their phones in favor of only carrying their IPad as their primary phone. Thanks to famous IPhone developer Iphoneislam you can now do just that. It does require you jailbreak your IPad, which voids your warranty so continue at your own risk.


How It Works

Phoneitipad is a hacked application available from the Cydia marketplace for jail broken IPads. What it does is fool the operating system into reading the sim-card and interacting with the network as if it were an IPhone. In order for the application to work properly it requires a jail broken original IPad running IOS version 4.3.3. Just install the app, register it on their website and insert a working sim-card and your IPad now really is a giant IPhone. For those who purchased a 3G IPad from ATT it’s important to mention that the sim-card included will not work because it’s configured for data only. If you also have an AT&T or T-Mobile smartphone you can just take the sim-card from that phone and insert it in your IPad. The IPad now has the same number the other phone did and when someone calls you, it will ring in place of your old phone.


Other Things To Consider

There are a few others things to consider before attempting to use this app. Currently only the original IPad is supported and while the developer is committed to supporting future hardware and software updates there is no guarantee it can be done. Because of the IPads size by default it answers calls in speaker mode. An easy solution to this problem is to simply plug in a wired headset. While the IPad does have Bluetooth, since it was never intended to be used as a phone it does not support wireless headsets and likely never will. If you understand the limitations and either don’t mind or already have jail broken your IPad then this can be a great way to make the coolest guy gadget around even cooler. The app is available from the Cydia market place for $20.


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