Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Get an MPEG4Box

Although it is one of the most basic digital TV receivers available, the MPEG4Box is a very popular set top box in the market. The set box is designed to receive digital TV signals from a broadcasting station, transmitted in mpeg4 format and display the images on your TV screen. Although there are several reasons why you should get an mpeg4box, ten of the reasons top the list.

Digital broadcasting allows for viewing of high definition images alongside high quality sound. The fact that your analog TV set is not capable of receiving digital signals makes it very necessary that you invest in an mpeg4box in order to be able to receive high quality digital signals.

Of all TV set boxes, the mpeg4box is one of the smallest and most effective. Its size makes it easy to handle and manage, especially when you need to clean around the TV compartment. Its small size also means that it occupies very little space. More importantly, it is highly dependable and durable as well.

The fact that an mpeg4box automatically searches for channels is a top reason for you to invest in one. It is a fact that digital broadcasting enables you to have access to multiple channels that you could not access through your analog TV set. The automatic search saves a lot of time you would spend manually searching for a preferred channel.

Having a device that provides you with an electronic TV guide is certainly a top reason to buy the same. That is what the mpeg4box offers you. The electronic TV guide allows you to get programming information at any time, thereby saving you from the burden of guessing what will be aired at a particular time.

An advanced mpeg4box has enhanced features including USB ports, a good reason to buy one because while enhanced features make it possible to record videos from your TV set, the USB port makes it possible for you to play videos from flash disks and other devices.

Portable devices are certainly very popular across the globe and the mpeg4box is one such device. The fact that you can carry it easily when travelling on holiday or simply out of home or office is a top reason why you need to buy one.

Playing games on any equipment is a very good way to relax and refresh your mind. The mpeg4box is available with built-in games that you can easily play on your TV screen. This is certainly a top reason for you to invest in one.

A top reason why you need to buy an mpeg4box is that when digital broadcasting is fully implemented worldwide, analog transmission will be switched off, meaning that your analog TV set will no longer be able to receive any TV signals. Buying an mpeg4box will therefore keep you up to date.

Buying an mpeg4box is very cost effective. Instead of buying a new digital TV set that is very expensive, you simply buy an mpeg4box that otherwise retails at very affordable price.

The simple reason that an mpeg4box is capable of transforming your TV viewing experience is a top reason for you to buy one. You can easily connect other entertainment devices on an mpeg4box and transform your home into a theater.

We can say that from the cable TV disadvantages (the Danish term is kabel tv ulemper) is that usually the cable tv provider does`t offer you mpeg4box with your TV package. You can read about TV with boxer TV (in Danish tv med boxer tv) after you follow the link.