Top Female Erogenous Zones

For a man many of the zones are obvious, penis, testicles and anus. Many men of course want to know where they can touch a woman to drive her crazy. Keep in mind that every woman is different what some like others may dislike. Women unlike men have many different erogenous zones. So just where can you touch her?

The feet. Many women enjoy having their feet massaged and their toes sucked or licked that is assuming that they are cleaned properly. The feet are a very sensitive spot for some women and the tickling sensation can be very pleasant.

The Ears. Licking, sucking and kissing a woman’s ears can be arousing for her. You can blow in her ear but we don’t need wind speeds of a tornado. Whisper erotic things to her in her ear and the breeze from your breath will be enough to make her tingle.

Wrists. The wrists may seem like an odd place for an erogenous zone but women like to have their wrists nibbled and nuzzled. Next time you and your woman are engaging in foreplay start by caressing her wrists and watch how turned on she gets.

Nape of the neck. Breathing on her neck will give her goose bumps imagine what would happen if you nibbled gently or sucked on her neck. Guaranteed your woman will really like it if you lift her hair and gently tilt her head softly kissing and nibbling her neck.

Nipples. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that the breasts are erogenous zones. Gently fondling sucking or nibble will surely get her hot.

The buttocks. A lot of women actually enjoy if you gently spank or squeeze their buttocks but there are the odd few that actually enjoy having their butts licked and penetrated with a finger or your penis.

Vagina/Clitoris. Another no brainer. You can stimulate the clitoris by rubbing and sucking. Most times you can tell when she’s enjoying it because she will moan or even squirm.

The vagina has the G-spot which can be difficult to find but many women are grateful when you do. When this area is stimulated it produces an intense pleasure and an usual sensation.

The backs of the knees. There are many nerve endings in the backs of the knees so a woman can find it extremely pleasurable when you nibble or lick the backs of the knees. However be careful, the backs of the knees can get irritated if you are being to rough.

The Lips. If you know how to kiss, lick, suck and bite then you will fill her with passion and there’s a good chance you will end up doing more then just kissing.

The inner thighs. The inner thighs are very sensitive to touching, stroking, and licking so when you fondle them you will make her wild.

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