Top 5 Myths about Testosterone

  1. Testosterone is Illegal. Testosterone is not an illegal drug. You can get it legally with a prescription. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone within the male body. This helps for changes during fetal development as well as during puberty which helps the male as he grows into an adult. Testosterone is only illegal when it is used without a prescription from a physician. However many organizations especially those involving sports have strict rules and regulations against testosterone for the chance it can affect athletic performance.
  2. Testosterone is a dangerous steroid. Yes, testosterone is a steroid. However a steroid is just a molecule made up of four rings of carbon. For example, progesterone, estrogen, cortisol etc are all steroids. Testosterone is proven to be relatively safe however the newer steroids don’t have any safety information to back up whether it’s dangerous or not.
  3. Testosterone can cause uncontrolled violent behavior. There isn’t any factual information to back up violence and a connection with testosterone. Even in men who were administered high doses of testosterone didn’t show any sign of aggression or violence they were actually mellower then guys with lower T counts.
  4. Testosterone causes prostate cancer. Evidence has conclusively shown that men with high t-count levels are at no greater risk of developing prostate cancer than those with lower t-counts.
  5. High levels of testosterone can cause baldness. In most cases men with male patterned baldness have the same or similar levels of testosterone. Baldness is more connected to genetics than testosterone levels






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  1. toy Avatar

    There is still alot about testosterone that we don’t know. Who knows what the true side effects are. We are certain that some people who have abused it have suffered greatly.