Top 5 Most Expensive Sports to Play

The best thing about sports is that almost anyone who has talent and desire to play can participate in them. However, anyone who has played a sport professionally knows that spending money to make your game better is very important. You will have to spend on training, expensive sports gear, club memberships and so much more to stay at the top of your game if you wish to be a professional player. Here are the top 5 most expensive sports to play.
This has to be the most expensive sport out there. The horses that take part in these races cost thousands of dollars, plus a lot more than just the cost is spent on their maintenance and training. You have to arrange for stables, maintenance facilities and a good caretaker for your horse as well so that he/she stays in top shape for racing. It also requires a lot of time for a person to bond with the horse and become good a horse racer.
No matter which racing circuit you join, you have to own a top sports car. The price of the car is the main cost in this sport which should be a few million dollars easily. Thankfully maintenance costs a few thousand dollars from time to time and then you have to pay the pit crew as well. If you are an amazing driver then you can even get sponsorships to cover all costs.
Anyone who has played golf will tell you that the game is not as easy as it might seem to a bystander. It takes a lot of training to get good at the game and you need to own the finest gold clubs that cost thousands of dollars. Plus, you need to be a member of a golf club to be able to play there regularly. Golf club memberships are not just difficult to get but are also extremely expensive. And all this is just for playing golf at a leisurely level.
Figure skating is not just about expensive skating gear; it requires a lot of training. And for a beginner it easily costs more than $10,000 a year to obtain training from a good institute or trainer. As you move ahead trainings start to cost you more and you need an ice rink to practice that is not available everywhere.
Same as golf, tennis is a game that is expensive to play. The tennis equipment needs to be top notch because you don?t want the racket breaking between a game. Training is necessary to play the game well. To play the game leisurely is easy because it can be played on any court. To play the game professionally you will need to hire trainers to improve your game.

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