Top 10 Gifts for Beer Lovers

Ever wonder what to get your beer loving friend or family member? I’m talking about the one who drools every time an episode of Cheers hits the rerun circuit. This list will guide you through the challenge of finding that not-so-normal gift that’ll stand out from the rest.

Beer Gift Baskets

The first thing any lover of beer will appreciate is, of course, more beer. But how can you show them you truly care about their happiness? Try one of the amazing beer gift baskets from There’s something for everyone—from the American Classic Bud, to the Guinness Greatness. My favorite is the MicroBrew Master Gift Basket (thanks mom).

Beer Making Kits

Beer sounds perfect, but maybe you’ve gone the gift basket route before. Try stepping the adventure up a notch and give the gift that keeps on giving: a home brewing kit. The price range is affordable, comparable to a gift basket, but your beer lover can make all the beer they want. Try the chocolate maple porter or the chestnut brown ale. These kits can be found for under $60.

Beer Tasting Tool Kit

Your beer lover has the passion, but perhaps not the knowledge he desires; such is the path of the beer connoisseur. Why not provide opportunity and instruction in identifying the subtle tastes of their favorite draught? Smoky, tart, sharp or skunky smack; with the right kit, you can discern and evaluate everything from name brands to micro brews. I recommend this kit; comes with all you need to expand your education, and to do so with friends.

Personalized Beer Holster

What do you get for that rugged man who enjoys his robust beer at the end of the day; a personalized beer holster, of course. These rugged leather holsters are crafted to fit a 12-ounce bottle and include three initials of your choice, stamped into the center of the holster. It also has an adjustable nylon strap, which extends 25” for additional support.

The Beer Pager
You’re watching the game and a commercial break hits. You use this opportunity to grab another snack. When you sit back down, you notice you’ve misplaced your beer! No worries, just click the button now attached to your keychain and your beer pager starts burping and flashing its lights, signaling its whereabouts. This gift is perfect for the man who understands the economy of movement. It uses 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Beer Savers

One of my all-time favorite gifts is also the simplest. Durable, molded beer bottle caps that stretch over the mouth of your favorite brew, so you can save it for another time. The Beer Savers come in a set of 6, multi-colored caps, and they fit any standard beer bottle top. Once you try these I can guarantee you’ll end up buying more.


Want to take the party up a notch? Then bring out the Bongzilla 6 Tube Beer Bong. Fun, yummy and completely insane; this beer bong stands on a six foot, adjustable pole, with six tubes with on/off valves at each mouthpiece. Ready, set, chug!

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

It doesn’t matter where the party is—in the kitchen, on the patio or in the living room; your guests will get their refreshments on time. 22 pounds of drinks and ice can be directed, up to 40 feet from the remote. Simple controls send the container out to serve and return to you for refills. Water-resistant, insulated vinyl and a sturdy zipper lid keep the drinks cold for hours. Very cool, very tech.

Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Give a gift that’s guaranteed be the center of the party. The Urban Trend Russian Roulette Beer Bong uses the game of chance and the love for beer, slapping beer pong to the sidelines. Two liters of beer are placed in the top barrel. The roulette gets spun and the beer bottle handle (one of five) gets pulled. Nothing happened? Then pass it on. If you don’t mind not remembering the party tonight, this game is highly recommended.

The Beer Belly
Last, I want to give you a gift for your wallet. Does your beer lover get pissed when they have to fork over fifty bucks or more just to sloshed at a ball game? Well stop paying concession prices and get him a beer belly. Feels like real flesh under your shirt and it holds up to 80 ounces of beer.

Greg Bucskin writes about pop culture and gadgets on behalf of home to XFINITY TV.

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