Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies

You may think women don’t fantasize or that they only fantasize about gentle love making by a fire with rose petals scattered all around. However you may be pleasantly surprised at what is really going on in their head. Keep in mind that every woman is different so while this may be the fantasy of one it may not be suitable when it comes to your significant other. One of the best things you can do is have an open conversation to talk about her feelings and gauge her reactions.

Number 10: Dominating you.

Women love big, strong men but sometimes they want to control that big strong man to the point where he is begging her for that sexual release. One scenario would be to tie you to a bed while she pleasures you with her mouth. This way she is in control and has your attention focused on what shes doing and her sexy body.

Number 9: You dominating her.

This fantasy takes on the realm of the modern day woman who is independent and wants a man who knows what he wants. Women in this case fantasy about you grabbing her and pushing her against the wall or pinning her down on the bed as you penetrate her deeply.

Number 8: Student with a teacher.

Not only do you want to see her in the short school girl skirt and pig tails she also wants to dress up in front of you. She’ll act playful and sexy trying to get you to break your boundaries as a “teacher”.

Number 7: Having sex with a stranger.

Most normal women wouldn’t dare just sleep with a stranger but don’t think they have fantasized about it. Lots of women enjoy the idea of being able to meet a stranger and have hot sex without any strings attached.

Number 6: Threesome with another woman.

Though this isn’t an unrealistic fantasy most women have thought about being with another woman however in most cases you’ll only get to watch and won’t get any playtime. That’s because most women don’t want to see their boyfriend touch a hot woman. By having you watch she not only gets to explore her curious side she doesn’t have to worry about sharing or jealousy.

Number 5: A threesome with two men.

Number 4: Voyeurism.
She enjoys the thought of watching people get it on for the same reasons you do. Maybe she fantasizes about spying on the horny neighbours or even watching a full blown orgy.

Number 3: Rape.

This is a questionable one, but many women like the idea of being able to fantasize about rape mainly because they are safe and don’t have to suffer the trauma or guilt that would normally occur. Her fantasy could be a simple as a man carrying her to his bedroom she protest as he rips her clothes off and massages and caresses her in arousing ways then when he penetrates her she has an explosive orgasm. This doesn’t mean that no means yes! If you were to act out this scenario be sure you talk about it first. Make sure you know the rules and that your girlfriend is comfortable with it. If she isn’t comfortable then DON’T do it.

Number 2: Exhibitionism.

The though of making porn flicks may make her cringe, but that does not mean she has not fantasized about just that at one time in her life. However most women are far to body conscious to be comfortable experimenting.

Number 1: Private Dancer.

Most woman aren’t courageous enough to dance around naked. That doesn’t mean the idea of dancing around naked for you doesn’t arouse her. By seeing your enjoyment it lets her know that you find her attractive and seeing your erection will let her know that not only are you turned on but she has control over you.

Some of these fantasies can turn into reality but remember to have an open discussion and not to push anything. If she wants act out one of these fantasies then great but if she doesn’t then tough luck.





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    It’s surprising that women have those wild fantasies unknown to men. I should explore more on the psychological structure of every woman I meet.