Sexy Sunday 31

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was born in Singapore in 1981. She is of Vietnamese descent. Her parents left Vietnam just before she was born and they stayed in Singapore for a few before moving to Houston Texas. Tila and her siblings lived in a strict and sheltered environment with their parents in a Buddhist gated community. Soon Tila and her siblings continually begged their parents to move out of the gated community to experience the regular goings-on in Houston and their parents gave in. Tila became a terror she joined gangs, did drugs, got into fights and eventually spent time in Juvenile detention centers. In her adolescence she even experimented with lesbian encounters. When she was 16 she ran off to New York with little more then the clothes on her back. Once her money ran out she came back to Houston and continued with her deceiving ways. At 18 Tila was approached at a mall by a scout for the Playboy Magazine. Tila didn’t give in and ignored him. After awhile scouts continued calling her house she decided to give it a shot because if nothing else it gave her a way to make some cash. She made her first appearance in Playboy at the age of 19. She moved to Hollywood to further her career and appeared in Playboy 5 more times. She was the first Asian to become the magazines “Cyber Girl of the Month.” Tila was also a popular choice for car shows. Her next big career move came from becoming a spokesperson for Nintendo’s new portable system. Tila created a website which featured herself it became popular fast due to the racy photos available to paying members. Due to the publicity of her site Tila was chosen to become a 3-D model for a street racing game. She has made TV appearances on the Playboy Channel, MTV, and on the reality show “Surviving Nugent.” She also starred in the hit reality show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila in 2007.” That same year she made a brief appearance in “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry.”





6 responses to “Sexy Sunday 31”

  1. TOPolk Avatar

    I question as to how or why she became famous. She’s not that cute and I don’t think she’s gotten naked. But who knows? I don’t follow Myspace.

  2. Vivienne Avatar

    Ewww. Cyber whore. Remember to wash your hands…even just from typing her name on your keyboard, guys.

    1. April Avatar

      Hey asshole, Tila is fucking orgasmic. She makes me dripping wet. And she makes my boyfriend rock hard. OBVIOUSLY, she’s not ugly, nor a “cyber whore.” Fuck off and die. Don’t be jealous, because you could N E V E R N E V E R get someone that amazingly hot. (:

  3. Michael Avatar

    Yeah I agree with you Vivienne. Her face looks jacked up. I don’t know how VH1 ever gave her a show…nevermind, they also gave Flava a show too.

  4. jane Avatar

    haha cyber whore :))) +1 I agree

  5. mike Avatar

    Let me see
    blonde hair, check
    nice tits, check
    short miniskirt, check
    young, check
    Anything else I am missing, nah it could not be the none of the above features