1. TOPolk

    I question as to how or why she became famous. She’s not that cute and I don’t think she’s gotten naked. But who knows? I don’t follow Myspace.

  2. Vivienne

    Ewww. Cyber whore. Remember to wash your hands…even just from typing her name on your keyboard, guys.

    • April

      Hey asshole, Tila is fucking orgasmic. She makes me dripping wet. And she makes my boyfriend rock hard. OBVIOUSLY, she’s not ugly, nor a “cyber whore.” Fuck off and die. Don’t be jealous, because you could N E V E R N E V E R get someone that amazingly hot. (:

  3. Michael

    Yeah I agree with you Vivienne. Her face looks jacked up. I don’t know how VH1 ever gave her a show…nevermind, they also gave Flava a show too.

  4. jane

    haha cyber whore :))) +1 I agree

  5. mike

    Let me see
    blonde hair, check
    nice tits, check
    short miniskirt, check
    young, check
    Anything else I am missing, nah it could not be the none of the above features

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