Theme Update

I have posted that I was working on a new theme back on September 9th. Well I am still working on that theme. My day job has been real hectic lately, not giving much time to blog or work on the theme. I get to work on it a little. Most days I am too mentally drained to even think about trying to write any post or write php code. So after this week is over and with the up comming long weekend in Canada, I will be able to write some post, maybe post date them to get ahead. And hopefully I will be able to finish the theme.

I’m also going to be working on a new project for bloggers in Calgary. I’m going to start a blog directory for bloggers in Calgary.






2 responses to “Theme Update”

  1. Jerad Kaliher Avatar

    We’re looking forward to the new theme but don’t stress yourself out too much.

    The directory looks like a fun project.