The Top 7 Male Jobs That Women Find Attractive

I’ve been constantly discussing the fact that, what you do, as a job, isn’t really important as long as you have game but, at some point into the conversation she will want to know exactly what you occupy your time with. If you want to rack up some extra points make sure you tell her one of these.

Don’t worry if you aren’t doing any of these jobs, you can easily fake them and I’ll tell you exactly how. If you’re looking for a long term relationship with any particular target, lying about your career isn’t really the way to do it but, if it’s fun (sex) you’re after, these will suit you well.


Yep, you’ve guessed it, at the top of the list and my personal favorite is the entrepreneur. It takes a lot of balls to quit your day job and become your own boss and women feel that. Think about it, not many men have the courage to stand up to their boss and give their resignation. Men that do this are of a different breed, they are risk takes, they are not willing to settle for less when they know there’s much more out there, they dedicate themselves, working long hours even on weekends, only to achieve their dreams.

Don’t worry if you’re still stuck in your job, women don’t necessarily have to know this. You can easily fake it by either telling them that you run a consulting firm for whatever job you are actually doing or, you can tell them that you run your own business that does what your day job is doing. As long as you keep your day job in the center you can easily go into details about it. It works even if you’re a pool boy, just tell them that you run a pool cleaning company and talk about what you’re guys are doing (which is what you’re really doing), you can even tell her that you still clean pools yourself because it keeps you at an equal level with your employees. They will just love that!

Army Guy

Women just love a guy that is a fighter. You can be a soldier, tank driver, whatever else about the army. They love the fact that you are taking risks and you’re a rough man. The image of protector will shine in her mind. You can feed her all sorts of war stories (easily made up from what you see in war movies) and tell her about how tough life is in the army etc. It’s a fantastic turn on for women and they will surely fall for you. A good amount of screening is necessary here since some are looking for commitment and a guy that’s out of the country, at war, won’t be offering her much comfort but, considering that you’re already lying about your career, a relationship is already out of the question.

If you want to use this one make sure you’re in good shape. Not only will that make it more believable but it will also keep you protected in case a real army guy discovers that you are a fraud.


Women love pets and the bond between humans and their pets can be a very strong one. As a veterinarian you understand this bond and connect with animals at an emotional level. Women will eat this up. Another extra would be that this job is very well paid.

You can talk about the different animals that walk into your clinic and how happy you make their owners feel after you’ve “fixed” their favorite pet.


Again we have bravery, danger coupled up with a sense of protection and physical conditioning. A true firefighter has no fear and risks his life to save others. You need to be in believable shape to pull this one off but if you watch a few episodes of “Rescue Me” you’ll have plenty of stories to tell her. Try to keep things at an emotional level and describe the feelings you have when saving people’s lives as well as the feelings of the rescued.

Tell her how you’ve been thanked by moms for saving their children and how rewarding such experiences are.

Airplane Pilot

Pilots make a lot of money and women know that. If that’s not enough tell them how great your job is because you’re getting paid insane amounts of money for visiting the world (even though we know you don’t see much outside of airports, or mostly clouds when you’re flying) but they don’t necessarily have to know that.

Again revert to feelings here and describe how it feels to fly such a huge plane and what a big responsibility it is to have 100+ passengers’ lives resting in your hands.


This is a really popular one and you can work it from many angles. Women appreciate a man with an artistic style that can capture a moment in time and say it all with a single image. Explain to them how your camera is the window to the soul. A lot of women lose their inhibitions when they are on camera and they also see it as a turn on.

You can easily fake this job by having a camera with you at all times, framing her or other things with your hands and constantly complaining about the lighting.

Fashion Designer

Women love guys with fashion sense. To pull this one off you’ll first need to have GREAT shoes but, they just love shoes and you have to accept that. An overall sense of fashion is a must in this scenario. You can constantly compliment them about their appearance telling how you could make a perfect dress to fit their bodies, because that body is just great for modeling.

Make sure you pick on people’s clothing with comments that are slightly funny. If she’s more hard going pick on her for a bit and see how she reacts. Tell her you do this for a living and that she can trust you when it comes to fashion, tell her that most women clothes designers are men and that truly proves you know better.

What works

As a smart man you should always be able to come up with anything on the spot, especially if you’ve been talking with her for a bit. The more you speak to her the more you understand what she wants and once you know, you just have to give it to her.

If in doubt just think of a job that makes a living, but also offers elements of bravery, risk, creativity and/or skill, and you will impress women every time.

There you have it, my top 7 jobs that women die for. Don’t forget, if you’re planning on going into a relationship with this particular person then lying about your career isn’t’ a great idea.

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