The Rules of Junk Food

100 calorie snacks Probably the most important rule of all is to control your cravings. If you deny yourself an indulgent it may set you up for a binge later on. Instead eat a small serving or 100 calorie packet and be done with the junk food.’

Indulge Sensibly. Allow yourself a scoop of ice cream or a few chips, but don’t let yourself eat the whole tub of ice cream or the entire bag of chips.

Avoiding Bulk Treats. Buying treats in small quantities allows you to have a treat but not more then you need.

Mix it up. Enjoy some fruit or a salad before you eat your treat. This way you fill up first on something healthy and won’t eat as much of that piece of cake or ice cream you may be craving.

Count Calories. Compare the fat and calorie amounts and choose the healthier choice.

Focus on the fat. Read labels and be sure to avoid products with hydrogenated oils or shortening.