The Power of Stumble Upon

It was a truly amazing week for my little unknown blog. One post of mine was given a thumbs up by Shaun from He thought the post was pretty funny so he gave it a thumbs up and left a comment. This started the ball rolling and sent a tonne of traffic to the post, as you can see.

traffic graph

It all started on August 25th and that weekend saw the most visitors to ever. I never expected to get that many visitors in a lifetime.

site usage

These are the stats from August 24th to September 2nd.

traffic sources

Most of the visits came from the weekend on August 25th and 26th. But there were consistent visit all week long averaging 1461 visitors per day.

feedburner stats

You can see that my alexa rating has increased from the post Shaun posted on his blog, a funny stumbleupon experience. So all in all my stumble experience has been a good one. I have received more visitors than I would have ever dreamed about and consistent traffic continues to come to Malewail.

Also as you can see my Alexa Rank has continued to increase.

Alexa Rank

On another note Shaun’s original comment has spawned 79 comments, about stumbling, some even funnier than the post itself.

Stumble Upon is a powerful way to generate traffic and buzz around a post our website. I stumble everyday and find great sites. I link to most of them with my Tumblr site.

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