The Power of Stumble Upon

It was a truly amazing week for my little unknown blog. One post of mine was given a thumbs up by Shaun from He thought the post was pretty funny so he gave it a thumbs up and left a comment. This started the ball rolling and sent a tonne of traffic to the post, as you can see.

traffic graph

It all started on August 25th and that weekend saw the most visitors to ever. I never expected to get that many visitors in a lifetime.

site usage

These are the stats from August 24th to September 2nd.

traffic sources

Most of the visits came from the weekend on August 25th and 26th. But there were consistent visit all week long averaging 1461 visitors per day.

feedburner stats

You can see that my alexa rating has increased from the post Shaun posted on his blog, a funny stumbleupon experience. So all in all my stumble experience has been a good one. I have received more visitors than I would have ever dreamed about and consistent traffic continues to come to Malewail.

Also as you can see my Alexa Rank has continued to increase.

Alexa Rank

On another note Shaun’s original comment has spawned 79 comments, about stumbling, some even funnier than the post itself.

Stumble Upon is a powerful way to generate traffic and buzz around a post our website. I stumble everyday and find great sites. I link to most of them with my Tumblr site.






11 responses to “The Power of Stumble Upon”

  1. Loren Avatar

    StumbleUpon has been very influential in my blog traffic. If you look at my stats it has three large spikes, all from StumbleUpon.

  2. shaun Avatar

    amazing 🙂 you really got some huge traffic man. write some more good jokes and i’ll be here to stumble them lol. See you soon


  3. Keith L. Dick Avatar

    Yep Stumbleupon can be pretty powerful… One of the games on my Arcade got stumbled quite a few times in one day and I got around 5,000 + visitors that day from it tho the traffic quickly went back to normal after a day or so…

    It’s definitely a good way to get noticed by people you may not be normally…

    Cheers and keep em coming…

  4. Angela Avatar

    Stumbleupon is CRAZY! It’s like a microburst of visitors. It’s fun to watch your stats.

  5. Pratyush Avatar

    I StumbledUpon your website and really loved it. Not only did “I Like It!”, I also subscribed to the RSS Feeds. The articles/posts are simple yet entertaining and very much easy to love it.

    Keep going buddy…

  6. Rodney Olsen Avatar

    I suppose the real secret to finding Stumble Upon success is to work out how to get some regular thumbs ups from other readers.

  7. Andy Avatar

    That’s brilliant, congratulations. The most I’ve seen from stumbleupon is about 500 visitors which is nothing compared to what you got.

    1. Dave Avatar

      I’ve actually had on average of 3500 visitors since the original spike in visitors. It’s pretty awesome, I’m sure it will end soon.

  8. web tools Avatar

    Its amazing.
    I think it needs a thumb’s Up from me also. Here I am stumbling it again.

    1. Dave Avatar

      It was truly amazing, couldn’t look away from the stats that weekend. I was so excited.

  9. alifahru Avatar

    Stumbleupon also gave traffics a nice traffics. With quality content and closely friend relationship , It is easy to get ton of massive traffics to our sites.