1. shaun

    hahaha awsome stuff! Just stumbled it πŸ™‚

  2. Roseapple

    My friend, we ALL juts stumbled it.

  3. JC

    wow, lol, i stumbled it as well, very funny

  4. Good Boy Gone Bad

    Awesome! I stumbled upon it too! Well at least it deserves to be put under Stumble Upon. Nice one! LOL

  5. the ghengis

    thats awsome, and i stumbled it.

  6. Chris

    I’m a stumble addict : (

    • Tom,

      We are ALL stumble addicts…

      Hence why i failed all my exams* πŸ™ Stupid internet!

      *authentic excuse written on some exam papers by friends…

  7. Kabaka

    Stumbled it, too.

    LOL that was hilarious. Sending it to my non-Stumbling friends now. =D

  8. Trollen

    We are all stumbleoholics, my biggest problem is that I keep running out of “humour” pages…

  9. Timist

    Did anyone not Stumble this? Geez.

    P.S, Uh… yeah, I Stumbled it too, they need to start a SA: Stumblers anonymous… I’d not join like, mainly because I LOVE STUMBLE!!!

  10. Jake

    Oh wow, that's awesome. Put me in a good mood. Actually Laughed out loud =D

    oh yeah, stumbled!

  11. cnr2011

    well looks like u cant find this fucking thing n e where but stumble upon cause i stumbled it too

  12. Jackie

    HAHA true, SA would be a good idea, I find myself stumbling for hours. Yes, i stumbled on this page too, like many. AH so hilarious though, so thank geebus I landed on this page.


  13. Dave

    Thank god for Stumble, bringing everyone to my blog. I welcome you all please come back our subcribe to my feed.

    I also stumble for hours on end.


  14. Kiyoshi

    heh… i think everyone on here uses stumbleupon… lawl…

  15. jeebus

    wow… i stumbled too… but i just can’t stop stumbling… its ruining my life!!!

  16. hellakitti

    I also stumbled upon this. Thank you, fellow Stumblers with similar interests!

  17. Will

    Stumble stumble stumble

  18. scyduckzard

    here’s ANOTHER Stumbler who landed on this page, & burst out laughing!! LOVE them!!!

  19. anarch

    goddamn stumble..

  20. coder2000

    I stumbled here too. No duh huh. I can’t remember how I browsed the web before Stumble Upon.

    • Jake

      It’s hard to do without it. I feel so lost when I’m using someones comp to pass the time, and Stumble Upon isn’t there. It’s sad, really, that my mouse, out of reflex, goes towards the top left whether or not SU is there.

      • teefkay

        Maaaan same wit me… if i read a webpage and dont need the window any more, my mouse doesn’t move to the [X] at top right but to the StumbleButton top left xD

  21. aeb

    Jesus, this is totally weird, I stumbled this page too!!

  22. moro

    ouch! woops just stumbled- oh hey everyone-

  23. madjoe

    And I stumbled it too… God save the Stumble founder of the Universe! Amen!

  24. Candace

    Loved the good, bad, and ugly, which I found by … Stumbling.

    Dave, even with my glasses on, I still can't figure out what that thingy is on the masthead – you know, that shiny metal thingy out in the water? What the heck is that, anyway?

    • Dave

      It’s a Whale’s Tail. It ties in to the name Malewail. well some what anyways. I want to redeisgn it some day.

  25. Candace

    Oh geez, how funny – it's not a shiny metal thingy, it's a whale's tail! Okay, obvy, I need new glasses, and possibly a new monitor!


  26. Lia

    I feel bad for those who don’t stumble…they are missing out on all the fun!

  27. Xerozia

    Stumble Upon has ruined my life!

  28. bigfoot09

    i stumbled it too…. stumbleupon is a way of life…..


  29. shawn

    I found this page on my own…. NOT. Stumble stumble stumble….

  30. Spitfire

    LoL I think the comments on here are better than the good, bad, and uglies πŸ˜› I’m a stumbler too

  31. s4M

    stumble the best thing since sliced bread lololollololllolllololololololooolollololololl

  32. Bob

    Haha. I had more laughs seeing that everyone, like me, stumbled it.

  33. Jeff

    Fucking retarded. What a waste of five minutes of my day, why is this even on the internet? You all suck. Get a job losers…..

  34. Stumbler

    I'm a stumble addict as well… Time to get back to work! Just one more stumble…..

  35. guknranadeus

    Yup! Im guilty also of stumbling, and if they do start an stumble upon anonymous, just put it in my favorite stumble section..I’ll get there eventually. LOL

  36. Tiff

    Yeah i spent more time reading comments from my fellow stumblers.
    It was a sad day when I ran out.
    I felt like i was at the end of the internet

  37. Michael

    Isn’t it astonishing how quickly life can get ugly?

  38. drb

    Stumble Forever!!!!!!!!

  39. jenny

    hahahahhaha. i stumbled too. and the comments were almost funnier than the article, though the good the bad and the uglier were pretty funny.

  40. frankie

    I cant believe how many people stumbled this! So did I!

  41. Michael

    Yeah, Stumble is crazy. It can take you freakin’ ANYWHERE.

  42. Jay

    I stumbled it too lol. Anyway loved the good bad and ugly stuff.

  43. Fadem

    Great, but the comments are funnier…

    (I'm also from StumbleUpon XD)

  44. stumbW

    mouhahaha stumblers of the world unite!

    together we are strong in wasting our time on the internet watching way to funny shit.

    anonymous stumbler addict

  45. Jason

    just found this on stumble. great post made me laugh

  46. JEFF


  47. w00tmc

    zomg, damn YOU stumble! πŸ™‚

  48. stumb

    Another Stumble

  49. Joe

    “I swear, I’m gonna pistol whip the next person who says ‘stumble’!”
    But seriously, out of 56 posts, 52 of them contain the word stumble. Crazy.
    (SU ftw!)

  50. stumble

    stumble stumble stumble…..i like pistol whip

  51. stumblemaster

    Stumbled this thing!

  52. Atos


  53. Reilly

    I love how this comment thing turned into a conversation about all of us using stumble upon, not the actual blog itself. I think it’s an awesome blog, really funny, and yeah, i stumbled it too

  54. Oi!


  55. Crawl

    I didn’t SU upon this, though I am an avid stumbler.

    My girlfriend linked me after she stumbled upon it.

  56. r00t

    all hail stumble!!!

  57. Matt

    Saw these years ago, glad they’ve got back to the internet.

  58. me

    hooray for stumble

  59. Sam

    Wow I didn’t Stumble this, must be a first!-Just Kidding totally stumbled it

  60. SU addict

    must… click… one… more… time…

  61. Gihawk

    I gave up crack for stumblin’

  62. Mike


  63. Pete

    I like it!

  64. Wouldn't you like to know

    Why is it bad for one’s son to be dating another man?

  65. SU...? yes...

    Good… stumble upon has brought me to something funny
    Bad… im going to spend at least another thirty minutes here.
    Ugly…. Stumble has completely taken over my life and the lives of all these people who are commenting on this blog. Which means SU is taking over the world right? i want to shake the hand of the wonderful person who created SU…

  66. Dave

    Lol Stumble as well!! we ly SA!!

  67. hunavle

    oh my god… the good/bad/ugly was fun…but the comments in here made my day

    stumbled upon it too of course…yay

  68. Srikanth

    well.. I am a stumbler too.. but then no matter how many times I stumble .. i never fell down.. -:)

  69. ANON


  70. Zorn

    Stumbled, with extreme prejudice.

  71. Sid

    thanks to these comments everyone will stumble here eventually

  72. Nrupesh

    Just another stumbler

  73. Valourant

    Haha I stumbled this too!

  74. The Curmudgeon

    Also Stumbled on this. Very funny.

  75. SmartStumbler

    I stumbled her too. Duh! But I’m not going to post about it like the other idiots before me .

  76. bob

    you could at least spell it right like the other idiots though!!!!!!!

    Also, does anyone else smell pepper.

    You call yourself smart.

  77. Danny

    I stumbled too. =( I’m a bad bad boy…

  78. bob

    we dont care if you stumbled here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fadem

      Yes you do, I actually visit this page from time to time since I stumbled it. (yes THIS page, not the blog, sorry dude who created it :

  79. hiutopor

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  80. J

    I agree..found it by stumbling….stupid internet..so behind on homework

  81. Keith

    Very funny…hahahaha!!!!!

  82. animefan23

    wow damn near everybody stubled this. including me

  83. TerrorBite

    I -didn’t- stumble this, I found it while browsing the site after being linked to a different post by a friend. However, I am a Stumbler. http://terrorbite.stumbleupon.com/ Yay for StumbleUpon!

  84. Crypto

    Wow i stumbled upon this as well.

  85. David

    Awesome! Very funny – keep it up

  86. Heather

    tons of stumblers….. alass, I am among them as well…

  87. dan

    i stumbled it too

  88. Gothicals

    *does the llama dance* I pressed the sacred button of not-so-sacredness and stumbled upon this GODLY PAGE! I loved it. Let us thank Ebay for being the owners of our dear StumbleUpon. I was really surprised when I found out they actually ran SU, because I mean really, who would’ve expected Ebay of all things?!

  89. LoveableJunkie

    Stumbled. Where would we be without SU?

    • Dave

      SU has sent so much traffic to this post. It was truly amazing watching 18K visitors in one day come to this post because someone decided to give it a thumbs up.

  90. Justin

    hahaha i just stumbled this shit too hahah i fucking love stumble

  91. Rachel

    Who didn’t Stumble Upon this??

  92. Stephanie

    So you mean I’m not the only one whose addicted to stumble?!?!

  93. Dan

    Funny stuff. Could have done without the homophobic line. Saw it coming from a mile away. Typical straight guy blather.

  94. Mark

    Stumble is life, Stephanie.

  95. Drake

    Stumbled and is hilarious πŸ˜‰

  96. Anthrax

    Stumble \w/

  97. Cyclonus

    LMAO they are great and I stumpled here too.

  98. Portland Resident

    Thats some funny stuff. I really liked the joke about talking to your daughter about the bird and the bees and “she keeps giving you corrections.”

  99. brian

    I, too, am addicted to Stumble Upon πŸ™

  100. Hammi

    Stumbled. aww man. awesome lol

  101. Alex

    That's hillarious!!!!!! thanks for a fantastic portion of fun!

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    Lol, it very funny jokes. I share it on: http://dofollowblog.port4l.com/2009/10/good-bad-u

  103. king

    Hooray Stumble!

  104. StreetKING

    lol, I didn't stumble it, found a link on dictionary.com! lmao! (love this stuff, by the way)

  105. Karl Jonsson

    laughed so hard to number four, six and ten!

  106. Average Payout

    I find myself stumbling for hours. Yes, i stumbled on this page too, like many. AH so hilarious though, so thank geebus I landed on this page.

  107. BunnySex


  108. frankielike

    i did not stumble upon it…. oh wait yes i did

  109. Timhouse

    "bad: its another man"? go fuck yourself

  110. Julia

    I've done number 7 to my mommy and she doesn't know it but I'm also doing number 10. ^-^

  111. Bill

    It was all funny except for the bad in number 9. Being gay is not a bad thing.

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