1. Michael

    A hybrid car is a great contribution to the environment – not to mention a great contribution to your wallet. It's economical, environmental – an overall great solution.

  2. Wayne

    People want an economical car…and they'll pay ANYTHING to get it! Go back to school and learn something about economics and physics. Take an $18,000 car, fill it with batteries ((average life 6 years) replacement cost $10,000)) and sell it for $30,000. It would cost more 'cept for the government subsidy (( by the way, that means tax payers (really their grandchildren)). And by the way, where do you think all that free electricity comes from that recharges the batteries…COAL, cuz we don't do nuclear anymore. I'd go on but you enviromaniacs will only believe what you want to.

  3. Shirt

    I hate the hybrids right now because if you look at truly how much better they are it's not as much as they want you to think. I just can't wait to see the first hybrid demo derby since their almost all lightweight composite materials they should blow apart in a pretty spectacular fashion.

  4. Wink

    I DO know something about physics. The problem is not in the science it is with US. Why is it necessary for us to transport 2 tons of metal and four or six seats with us everywhere we go. Just because we WANT to take everything with us everywhere we go (and the laws of physics will dictate the price for that), Mother nature is speaking up and saying NO!. Too many big cars, not enough oil, too much pollution. Even if hybrids in their current state are not the ultimate solution they can change our current mindset. Just because we CAN do what we want, doesn't mean we SHOULD!

  5. Marty

    As soon as they make a hybrid Van, i'll consider buying one. As a tradesman i need the cargo carrying ability of the van. As far as i know most of the hybrid cars are quite small, damn shame! Marty – http://freeenergy2010.blogspot.com/

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