Testing in Google Ad Blocks?

I was updating the way my blog shows Google Adsense ads and noticed something different with the way the ads appear. First of all I noticed a link to show more ads on the bottom of the ad block.


I did some searching and found out that this is not new news. Google has been testing this and using this for some time now. On the second ad I noticed something different again. There were two little arrows in the bottom left corner of the ad block. You can use these arrows to rotate through different ads that can be displayed.


Looks like something Google is testing.

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3 responses to “Testing in Google Ad Blocks?”

  1. Web tools Avatar

    Hi Dave,
    You are right. Google is doing experiments these days. In fact, I have also seen these on my blogs and a few other tests also.

  2. Dave Avatar

    Yeah I have also seen some other types of adblocks, hopefully it will help us make more money.

  3. music Avatar

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader