No More Sunday Poll

It appears that the Poll to pick the next Sexy Sunday girl has not been working. There just isn’t enough votes to keep make the poll week after week. There is a lot of work involved to setting up the poll, uploading the pictures, making the thumbnails, putting the links together to insert in to […]

Beer Goggles for Women?

Dr Kirsten Oinonen from the University of Lakehead conducted a study to see the affect drinking alcohol would have on a woman’s ability to determine the attractiveness of the opposite sex. The findings, apparently women also have beer goggles and even when they are sober their perception could still be affected. Dr Oinonen’s research studied […]

I’m here to do something.

I wonder sometimes about the meaning of life, one person’s own life’s destiny. Some people do great things are remembered through the sands of time while other’s lead incredibly unremarkable lives and are never known. Not in their present day and then they are certainly forgotten almost immediately following death, sometimes even sooner than that. […]