Setting up a Romantic Bathroom Environment

The bathroom, next to your kitchen, is probably one of the most functional rooms in the house, but it can also prove to be your favorite refuge if you take the time to dress it up properly.  If you are in the process of renovation, this can mean that your fixtures and colors can be chosen with the idea of a spa like room as the ultimate result.  If you’re limited to a fresh coat of paint, or the addition of a few simple decorative pieces, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to create a space that you won’t want to leave.

If you have the option, lighting is a big part of what makes a room enjoyable and romantic.  Think of a romantic atmosphere and it’s likely that dim lights are part of the scenario.  Because our bathrooms serve as workhorses, we tend to add lighting that’s bright, which, although can be great when applying makeup, doesn’t exactly set the mood for a relaxing space.  Don’t replace your work lighting, but if you can, add some soft mood lighting next to the tub or even a gorgeous chandelier for a luxurious touch.  If you’re sticking to the lighting you’ve got, forget the lights and bring in a small lamp or candles.

Speaking of candles, these can serve two purposes.  First of all, they allow for low romantic lighting, and secondly, scented candles can further the romantic feel.  Don’t overlook luscious scents to inspire a spa like tranquility to your space.

A deep pile bathmat can go a long way towards giving your bathroom a touch of romance.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can opt for something that perfectly fits your decor or style.  Sinking your toes into a soft bathmat after a soak is something that we should all experience!

High quality towels can mean the difference between scratching your body dry or feeling as if you’re dabbing your skin with cotton balls.  A better towel in a pretty shade that compliments your bathroom is a great way to add luxury without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to dress up the bath for someone special, adding essential oils or rose petals to the tub is a way sure to add a thoughtful touch.  Keep a small crystal dish nearby so that future baths can also be turned into a dreamy escape by keeping small bottles of essential oils out of harm’s way.

Add a mirror that looks as if it’s antique or one that’s got lots of scroll work.  This is a sure fire way of keeping your bathroom both practical but lending it an air of romance to any visiting family or friends.  A stark, rectangle mirror can look plain and ordinary, but you’ll be amazed at the difference that a mirror with more detail can make.

Dressing up your bathroom in a romantic way brings to mind long, candle lit baths and plush dressing robes.  A few simple additions will turn yours into a favorite escape.

This article was written by Jon Reyes from Steam Shower Store. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

Bingo: How to Know When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

The crazy world of relationships can be hard to navigate, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no fool-proof roadmap you can follow that will direct the way to the person with whom you are supposed to spend your life. It is inevitable, when you make yourself available on the dating scene, that you open yourself up to the potential for both happiness and heartbreak. When you finally find your soul mate, however, you will realize that all the searching was worth it. Everyone is different, of course, but these general guidelines can help you decide whether you really have found your soul mate.

Relationship Feels Natural

First, the relationship should simply feel natural. When you are with your soul mate, the interactions you share should feel effortless. You should not be trying to appear somebody you are not. This does not mean that you should not try to impress your significant other by being the best person you can be. It simply means that you feel comfortable enough around them to be authentic and genuine. True intimacy is about taking off the masks that we so often wear to please other people, and instead simply being real. Your soul mate will appreciate you for who you are regardless of your flaws. Some people suggest marrying your best friend. While not necessarily the most dramatic advice, the real point in this wisdom is that your soul mate should feel like your closest friend, no matter what.

Mutual Attraction

Second, you and your significant other should of course be attracted to one another. Soul mates feel magnetically drawn together. They desire to connect with each other in all aspects of the human experience. While physical attraction is important, soul mates also desire to experience connection emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. Sexual attraction is simply one indicator of this broader and deeper connection. Sex in its purest form is not only a physical act, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. You know a person is your soul mate when you desire to connect with them on all levels more than with anyone else in the world.

Sacrificial Commitment

Finally, you and your significant other should demonstrate sacrificial commitment to each other. Soul mates see themselves in the other. They are willing to give of themselves for the betterment of the other person. If you and your significant other regularly make sacrifices for one another, not because you are asked but because you want to do so, that is a good indicator that your relationship is meant to last.
If you experience these three things with your significant other, you can be confidant that you have found your soul mate. The relationship feels natural and you are comfortable around the other person. You two feel strong attraction for one another. You are both willing to give things up for the benefit of the other and for the betterment of the relationship. Only soul mates experience this, and only soul mates act like this. Do not let that person go. You two were meant to be together.


Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Matthew Sullivan on behalf of the Matthew is a freelance writer and has worked extensively as a relationship counselor. His articles appear on various online relationship publications.

7 Warning Signs That She is Not Interested in You Anymore

To break up a relationship is a harder decision when we talk about a long term one.

In most cases when woman is no longer interested in a relationship she doesn’t want to be the one to end it. But even when she is already made the decision to break it up, she will take some time to give you some signs to prepare you, before she tells you. If you feel that something is going wrong it is time to take a closer look at your relationship. Here are seven warning signs she is no longer interested:

1. This is probably the most classic subtle signal of all: her life become too hectic. She hasn’t picked up the phone for a few days and when she does, she is busy and pretending that she doesn’t have time to met you. This isn’t necessarily a sign that it is over, but if you are used to meet her frequently then there is something wrong.

2. Eventually, when she decided to spend some time with you she keeps looking around to find
something to do or someone else to talk to. However, when a woman is interested, she puts in
the effort by giving you her full attention.

3. She’s secretive and no longer wants to tell you where she has been or who was on the phone.

4. Don’t forget that women love to talk. If she doesn’t ask you questions and shows no interest in what you have to say and when you ask her questions she limits her answers to “yes” and “no”
she has a problem. Can it be the relationship with you?

5. Is she causing arguments over stupid little things? If nothing you do or say isn’t right anymore and all that goes wrong is your fault you can start to worry.

6. She refuses the presents you make. Women love to get presents, so if she turns yours down, she
can feel guilty because she is thinking to break up with you, especially if you know she was about
to buy that thing for herself.

7. She talks about divorce or break up of other people relationship, as a positive thing. Maybe a
friend of her just has braked up with her boyfriend and now she is doing much better.

In the game of romance, few things are black and white. Most of the points above are assumptions
based on commonly used techniques. There is room for interpretations and misunderstandings but all this can make you wonder if everything is ok and discuss the problems you might have.

Affordable Valentine’s Ideas

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...
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Valentine’s day is just around the corner. For many people money is tight and it’s hard not to get discouraged by how commercialized it has become. It seems Company’s are telling you that the only present worth getting is jewellery, but don’t listen to them. You can still do something sweet for valentine’s day and not have to spend a lot of money. If you have a spouse that really loves and cares about you they will be appreciative of whatever you decide to do. As long as you take the time to put some thought into it. Below are some ideas that you can consider.

Instead of going out to a busy restaurant make a home cooked meal at home. If you want to get really fancy plan out a five course meal consisting of a soup, appetizer, salad, main course and dessert.

Make her a mixed CD of some of her favourite music.

Buy her a dozen of her favourite flowers.

Offer to watch the romantic movies she likes even if you don’t particularly like them.

Decorate the bathroom with some candles and draw her a nice bubble bath.

Light some candles and give her a massage with scented oils.

Buy a decorative notebook and write down love notes and reasons you love her.

Leave love notes all over the house.

Lie a fluffy blanket on the ground in your living room and have a picnic with a bunch of finger foods like cut up fruit, and chocolates.

Write her a poem or love letter.

Go for a stroll in the park.

Get photos done at a inexpensive studio.

If your spouse listens to the radio, dedicate a song to them

Make breakfast in bed.