Rocky’s Burger

The search for the beef starts, with Rocky’s Burger Bus. Located on the corner of 11st and 46ave SE, this family owned and operated burger joint caters to the busy on the go working man. I decided to try the Rocky’s Special, a single cheese burger and fries with soda for $9.00.  The burger comes loaded with onions and relish and the beef paddy is about an inch thick.  My first bite confirmed that I had found the beef.  The old fashion cut fries where ample and complimented the hand formed beef paddy. The Rocky’s Burger is a good bang for your buck.  Which seems to be a rare find in Calgary today?  I definitely recommend this burger as a must try.  In fact I plan on visiting Rocky’s Burgers again, this time I going for the double burger.

Rocky's Burger Bus

Boogie’s Burgers

Well everybody is raving about Boogie’s Burgers on Edmonton Trail.  So off I went to find this quaint little burger joint, during the lunch hour.  Boogie Burger was packed with patrons and the music was turned up loud and the place was hopping.  Surprisingly enough the service was fairly quick and I was served with in twenty minutes.  I ordered the triple burger with onion rings and a coke, with a three dollar tip the cost brought me just over $17.00 for my meal.  The Bun on the burger was large fluffy and wonderful, the meat paddies where so thin the meat had troubles staying together. My question is simple; “where’s the beef?”  The onion rings where quite typical of a dinner or burger joint.  I must admit I liked the atmosphere of this dingy little burger joint, the music and the service.  Simply I was just not impressed with the size of the meat.  In closing, if you’re looking for a trendy little burger joint and your part vegetarian then this is the place for you.

Boogie's Burgers

Century Casino present the B-52’s

What a treat. A night out with  the B-52’s. Thanks to the Century Casino, who hosted last nights event. The crowd danced and bopped as the Lovebullies a local Calgary band warmed us up for the headliner the B-52’s.

The crowd continued to dance and sing along with all there favorite B-52’s songs. Due to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd the B-52’s graced us with an energetic encore. Which topped off the night with one of my Favorites Rock Lobster. So in closing our hat comes off to the B-52’s.


Top 10 Movies of 2008

The Dark Knight [Blu-ray] – Excellent movie. Heath Ledger gives an excellent performance as the Joker.

Iron Man [Blu-ray] – All around a great performance

Wall-E [Blu-ray] – Excellent animated film of a little garbage collecting robot who wants nothing more then companionship, great film for the entire family.

Wanted [Blu-ray] – An assassin movie full of twists and awesome stunts.

Hancock (Unrated) [Blu-ray] – A nice twist to the typical superhero movie.

Kung Fu Panda [Blu-ray] – A funny family animated film

Get Smart –  A good remake of a classic TV show.

Vantage Point [Blu-ray] – Vantage Point overall was a great movie. Rarely can a movie keep the interest of its viewers without confusing them with all the different story angles.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian [Blu-ray] – Full of good visual effects and an interesting storyline.

Juno  [Blu-ray] – A movie about a quirky pregnant teen

10 Worst Movies of 2008

The Love Guru (Two-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray] + Digital Copy – The only good thing about this movie is that Jessica Alba is in it. This movie is not a good comedy it is just plain silliness.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (Unrated + BD Live) [Blu-ray] – For an Adam Sandler film an absolute disappointment this film is not funny but instead irritating.

Cloverfield [Blu-ray] – is filmed much like the Blair witch project this film has nothing to offer but shaky camera work and a city attacking monster stupider then Godzilla.

The Ruins (Unrated Edition) – Though it looked like it was a good movie. The ruins was nothing more then a bunch of vacationers whose leisurely holiday takes a turn for the worst when they realize the plants around them are out to get them.

The House Bunny (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray] – nothing more then a blonde bimbo’s triumph over stereotypes and snobby college chicks.

Mirrors [Blu-ray] – Awful plot. If the intention was to scare people they didn’t come close.

Hottie & the Nottie – The only good thing about this is getting to look at Paris Hilton if you’re into that sort of thing. This receives a failing grade for story line and acting.

Teeth – A girl takes an abstinence pledge only to attack a bunch of horny boys with the teeth in her vagina

Meet The Spartans – Pit Of Death Edition [Blu-ray] – This is nothing but a distasteful film that is stupid not amusing

Shutter (Unrated) [Blu-ray] – from the makers of the grudge and the ring this film is nothing but a bland Asian horror film.

Coffee on Demand

TassimoI enjoy drinking coffee so when the decision of whether or not to buy a Tassimo machine came up I thought it would be easy. In the end I gave in and decided to try it. At around 150.00 Canadian I assure you it was well worth it. Some days I can drink a whole pot of coffee others only a couple of cups. A lot of the time my girlfriend would dump most of it down the sink needless to say a lot of coffee has gone to waste. Now that I have a Tassimo it’s amazing there is no more worry about running out of filters or measuring out the perfect amount of coffee. The Tassimo has already measured out packages of coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolates and lattes. The hardest part of the Tassimo is figuring out what beverage you are going to make first! Each package has a bar-code which the machine’s lens will read in order to know what beverage it is making. All you have to do is make sure there is water in the container located in the back, put a packet of your beverage on the disk, close the lid and wait for the heating light to turn to automatic. If you make coffee and it is too strong you can add an extra burst of water by letting the auto light go manual and then pressing the button. This machine is perfect if you tend to waste a lot of coffee or only like to have a cup or two, or even if you enjoy some of the more complicated beverages but don’t want to do the work making them. The packages are around $5.00 each for about 14 discs. If you don’t have a lot of coffee drinkers in the house or just don’t go through much coffee it is a good investment. On the other hand if you don’t have the money to shell out the extra cash you may want to stick with your original coffee pot or just keep your coffee pot for when you have guests come over and need to make a full pot. In the end I highly recommend this product.

Sweet Bluetooth Headset.

jawboneI recently purchased a new bluetooth headset to use with my Blackberry Pearl. It was the Aliph Jawbone. I must say it is one awesome piece of technology. In using it so far it really does a grate job in blocking ambient noise. I made one phone call with my car stero pretty loud and the person had no idea the radio was on. The only problem I seemed to have so far is that I loose the connection with the phone when the phone is in its holster. Maybe it’s the magnet that keeps the holster closed, I really don’t know. The problem don’t happen when the phone is not in the holster.

Some stats and information from Aliph’s website;


Designed to perform.

Designed by the renowned Yves Behar, Jawbone takes mobile style to new heights. Jawbone’s perforated shield curves to match the outline of your face while the inside surface is made from medical grade plastic to provide a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Jawbone can be worn on either ear, and you can customize your fit by choosing an earloop and earbud from the several shapes and sizes provided. Jawbone’s ergonomic design enhances acoustic performance and keeps the device lightweight, stable, and comfortable.

Noise Shield Technology.
Jawbone is the world’s first adaptive Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. Its revolutionary Noise Shield technology combines the latest innovations in acoustics, audio processing and product design to produce a quantum leap in headset performance.

Not only does the Jawbone technology virtually eliminate all background noise from your call, but as your background changes it also seamlessly adjusts the speaker output so you can hear your caller’s voice better. Jawbone’s intelligent system of sensors, software, and ergonomic features allows you to use your mobile phone in any environment without shouting or straining to hear. The result is a clear, uninterrupted, and productive conversation.



  • Jawbone identifies your speech:
    A proprietary voice activity sensor identifies precisely when you are speaking, in any noise environment. Unlike other headsets, Jawbone can easily separate your speech from other sound nearby.
  • Jawbone eliminates noise:
    Jawbone uses highly directional microphones and powerful signal processing algorithms to remove background noise from your ongoing speech signal. This allows you to be heard clearly in any environment without the need to shout and disturb others around you.
  • Jawbone automatically enhances incoming audio:
    The volume and frequency content of the incoming speech is dynamically adjusted to maximize intelligibility in any noise environment. No matter where you are, Jawbone will adapt to your environment.

This headset is differently a good buy, If you are using the phone a lot in busy noisy places. Check out this YouTube video showcasing the Aliph Jawbone’s technology.

My new DVD Player

Recently I purchased a Philips DVD Player, it was the DVP-3960. I picked it up because it was cheap and it up converts video to 1080i. This DVD player has a lot of awesome features like:

  • Plays DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG digital camera photos
  • 192kHz/24 bit audio DAC enhances analogue sound input
  • HDMI 1080i with high definition video upscaling
  • Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality
  • DivX Certified for standard playback of DivX videos
  • 12-bit/108MHz video processing for sharp, natural images.

What I like the most is the fact that it plays DivX files. I have a lot of movies backed up to DivX or Xvid formats. I can burn six movies to one DVD and watch them in the my new DVD player. Before I used to hook the laptop to the TV and watch movies that way. It is so much more convenient to load up a disk in the DVD player and be able to watch any of the six movies on the disk.

Soon I will write a post on how to make 700mb backup copies of your own disk. It’s not all that hard.

All in All I really like the new DVD player, the picture quality is awesome. And it’s great to be able to get all my movies of my computers and on to less disk.

Waste Time and Make Money With Moola

moola logoMoola is a fun and easy way to make money online. Sponsors give you a small amount of money to compete with and you challenge other members through simple games to climb a prize ladder. The Games are HiLo, Gold Rush and Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu. They are very easy to play.

Games in Moola

Moola also has a search and win section, whre you do an internet search and you are given a chance to spin the moola wheel allowing to win more money. You can spin the Wheel up to 4 times per day and possibly win $36000.

Moola Wheel

Moola also has a paid booster zone where you sign up to various programs or buystuff online and you get a return on the purchase.

moola booster

So all in all Moola is a Time waster, but you can play some addicting easy games and have the chance to win some moola. Search and win or you can use their online mall and get a up to 50% back. For More Information Click Here.

If you are interested in trying Moola Check it out by Clicking Here.