Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 81-90

81. Add Vitamin E: Vitamin E combined with blood thinners can reduce the plaque in your arteries by up to 80%.

82. Beat the heat with cold grapes: Eating cold grapes can provide you with artery protection similar to when you drink a glass of wine.

83. Ditch fad diets: When your weight fluctuates it weakens your heart and and affects your blood flow.

84. Make friends at work: Men with lots of friends have lower heart rates and had healthier blood pressure even in times of stress.

85. Cheaters never prosper: Having extramarital sex increases your risk of a fatal heart attack. 75% of cases of death during sex involved a cheating spouse.

86. Use the free BP test wisely: These test aren’t 100% accurate. On average the machines can be off by up to 8 points systolic and 4 points diastolic. Check your blood pressure at least 3 times and then average it.

87. Eat fresh berries: Berries are loaded with salicyclic the same heart disease fighter is found in aspirin.

88. Tune out stress: Listen to music in the morning or do something that isn’t stressful to reduce your chance of a morning coronary.

89. Root for your home team: A study done found that heart attack rates fell among locals when the home team one.

90. Stop Snoring: Those who suffer from sleep apnea usually suffer from high blood pressure.

Become More Healthy Tips 81-90

81. Put a sign on your fridge and cupboard: “Closed after dinner.”

82. Brush your teeth after meals to remind yourself: No more food. Not only will it lessen your urge to eat you’ll have nice looking teeth.

83. When you eat, eat. Don’t read or play at the computer. Focus all your attention on your food.

84. It isn’t the time of day that makes you gain weight 100 calories at 10 in the morning is the same as 100 calories at 10 at night. It’s how many calories in total you eat that determines whether you gain or lose weight.

85. Remember that just because it says fat free it may not be good for you. Compare nutritional information and make informed dieting choices.

86. Never skip breakfast. It will slow your metabolism and leave you feeling cranky throughout the day. You’ll more then likely binge later because you’re hungry.

87. If you are absolutely starving and have no choice but to turn to a vending machine pick the nuts.

88. If you are feeling tired in the afternoon skip the cup of coffee and reach for a cup of yogurt. The yogurt will give you a sense of fullness and give you vitamins and minerals coffee can’t.

89. Change up your pantry. If you use peanut oil switch to olive oil. If you eat white bread switch to whole wheat etc.

90. You may be surprised but some frozen vegetables have more nutritional value then fresh ones. Frozen vegetables also last longer.

Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 71-80

71. Know what’s in your arteries: Get your doctor to perform a C-reactive protein blood test. This will help them determine your heart disease risk.

72. Sleep in the quiet: People who don’t have a quiet sleep and are exposed to at least 55 decibels of sound like a washing machine or coffee percolator suffer from high blood pressure.

73. Use a stair climber: Exercising on a stair climber for 45 minutes a week 4 times a week can improve your sensitivity to insulin.

74. Eat apples: Eating apples often can reduce your risk of heart disease by 20%.

75. Eat fish: Eating fish twice a week or taking a supplement can lower your blood pressure and clear plaque from your arteries.

76. Push Yourself: Men who feel like they are working out vigorously have a 28% less likely to develop heart disease then men who felt like they weren’t working hard enough.

77. Switch your spread: Buy fat free margarine. When compared to butter it can lower bad cholesterol levels by 11%.

78. Slice your risk: Enjoy whole wheat bread its packed with nutrients and can lower cholesterol.

79. Eat concord grapes: Compounds found within this type of grape help to slow bad cholesterol levels. You can lower your blood pressure points by 6 percents by enjoying 12 ounces of juice.

80. Close car windows:  Men who are exposed to airborne chemicals have a harder time letting their hearts adjust to different activities.

Become More Healthy Tips 71-80

71. If you family decides they need to have a sweet treat compromise with them. Serve low fat ice cream with some fruit. Or fruit with a dollop of whipped cream.

72. If you have a craving for sweet or salty foods try to go 2 weeks without eating it. You’ll be surprised at how your cravings will disappear.

73. Eat more fruit. This helps people who have sweet tooth’s keep their cravings under control.

74. You can eat sweets but be smart. Keep your treat under 150 calories. There are a lot of ice creams out there that have snack pack sizes that are between 50-150 calories.

75. If you want some healthy sweets try eating a few frozen grapes, some sugar free cocoa made with skim milk, fruit or homemade popsicles.

76. To avoid binging later at night eat balanced meals throughout the day and don’t skip meals.

77. Eat all your meals at the table away from distractions.

78. Drink unsweetened cold raspberry tea.

79. If you are prone to overeating at night change up your schedule. Find a hobby that you can do or something to keep you occupied so you won’t overeat.

80. If you eat because of emotions you need to focus and find out what it is that is really bugging you. Then you will be able to focus on changing it instead of turning to food for comfort.

Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 61-70

61. Have Sex: Men who have sex at least twice a week lower the risk of stroke. Having sex may also lower your risk of heart disease.

62. Take Monday Off: Taking a few days off of work every now and then can reduce heart attack and stroke risk by up to 30 %.

63. Enjoy some oatmeal cookies: Men suffering from high cholesterol who consumed oatmeal cookies everyday for 8 weeks dropped bad LDL cholesterol levels by over 20%.

64. Pull it: 65% of men by the age of 20 have at least one misaligned wisdom tooth which would never come in properly. By leaving the tooth in you run the risk of getting a bacterial infection. You may even develop Periodontal disease which is linked to heart disease.

65. Toss olive oil in your salad: Diets that include at least 2 ounces of olive oil can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks by 82%. Rich in monounsaturated fats olive oil can lower LDL levels.

66. Get your BP under 120/80: Stay below this number and you cut the risk of dying of heart disease in half.

67. Consume potassium: Eat a banana or bake a sweet potato with spinach to get potassium. Getting your daily level of potassium you reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

68. Eat fiber: Taking a fibre supplement like Metamucil before meals can slow the digestion of sweets and high processed starches. These foods are bad for your blood sugar and can increase heart disease risks.

69. Lower your BMI: Having a BMI over 25 can increase your heart disease risk by 26%.

70. Pick French wine instead of German: French wines contain 4 times more artery protecting enzymes.

Become More Healthy Tips 61-70

61. If you have a holiday party to go to eat before going. Fill up on some fruits and veggies. Don’t allow yourself to go to the party when your hungry or you will be sure to set yourself up for a binge.

62. When you are at a party don’t stand near the food or alcohol. If you don’t see it and aren’t near it you won’t be as tempted to eat it.

63. If you find yourself at a buffet don’t eat a little bit of everything. Pick 3 or 4 items making sure only one of them is high in calories. Eat your high calorie item last so you can fill up on the healthier food and avoid overeating.

64. During the holidays don’t let yourself wear loose fitting clothing. You want to wear clothes that are snug that way you have no room for expansion.

65. Instead of keeping all the leftovers give them away to your guests. If you keep them in the house you will be sure to overeat.

66. Walk around the mall 3 times before you start shopping to get in extra exercise.

67. Make exercise a nonnegotiable priority.

68. When you are at home dance around to music either by yourself or with friends or family. It’s a fun way to get some exercise in.

69. If you are having a sweet tooth moment eat a healthy salad for dinner and save your calories to indulge into a dessert.

70. If you know you have the temptation to eat sweets make sure you don’t keep any in the house unless you know for certain you can enjoy some sweets without going overboard.

Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 51-60

51. Get yourself a dog: The attention given to a dog whether good or bad allows your heart to become adaptable helping you to deal with stress which could lead to heart disease.

52. Stay warm: Cold spells can decrease the temperature by 18 degrees from one day to another can increase the heart attack risk by 13 percent.

53. Eat frequently: Men who eat 5-6 times a day have 5 percent lower cholesterol then men who eat one to two large meals. Eating 5-6 times a day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 10-20%.

54. Lift weights: A Harvard study found that lifting weights for just 30 minutes a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 23%.

55. Stop after 2 cups of coffee: People who drink four cups of coffee had an 11% higher level of homocysteine in their blood.

56. Check for carbon monoxide: Regular household items can leak carbon monoxide. Large levels can kill you but exposure in small amounts can increase your risk of developing blood clots and increase your risk of heart disease.

57. Brush and rinse: Brush with Colgate and rinse with Listerine doing so can decrease your risk of heart attack by 200-300 %.

58. Snack on nuts: Men who replaced 127 carbohydrate calories with nuts decreased their risk of heart disease by 30%.

59. Sleep for 8 hours: People who get less then 5 hours of sleep on a regular basis have a greater risk of heart disease then those who get the full 8 hours. One possibility is that people who are tired have higher levels then fibrinogen a protein which can clot your blood.

60. Avoid the french fries: Intake of fatty acids lower your good cholesterol while raising the level of your bad cholesterol. Some of the worst foods are french fries.

Become More Healthy Tips 51-60

51. If you want to eat a frozen entree stay away from the hungry man dinners they are filled with fat, salt and high in calories. Try to go for the many selections of Lean Cuisine, or Weight Watcher selections.

52. Instead of having a fat filled breakfast of sausage and bacon scramble up some eggs in a non-stick skillet and serve with a side of asparagus and whole wheat toast.

53. Steam some frozen vegetables and sprinkle with some garlic powder and top with some nuts.

54. Make a healthy salad. Top with 1/2 can of tuna which is full of protein and add a few slices of tomatoes and top with light dressing.

55. Instead of packing your sandwich full of meat fill it with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts to give it more substance without all the calories.

56. If you want a quick lunch have a broth based soup with some vegetables.

57. In the morning have a high fibre breakfast cereal with skim milk and top it with some fresh fruit.

58. Instead of ordering a foot long sub order a 6” and pick one of the leaner subs and top with tons of vegetables.

59. If you want a sweet treat for lunch take some pre-cut fruit and mix it with some low fat yogurt.

60. Don’t make excuses that it’s ok to overeat just because it is the holidays. That only opens the door for you to overeat for weeks.

Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 41-50

41. Eat beans: Beans are full of fibre and folate which lowers homocysteine. People who consume 4 or more servings of beans a week cut their risk of developing heart disease by 22% compared to those who had one or less servings of beans.

42. Order takeout: Indian and Chinese takeout are full of heart healthy spices like garlic, tumeric and ginger. These spices are full of natural anti inflammatories.

43. Wash your hands: In a German study 570 people were followed for 3 years, those who had the most antibodies in their system also had the most clogging in the arteries of their hearts, necks and legs. Make sure you use liquid soap, bacteria can live on bar soap.

44. Read a good book: A Swiss study found that men who read poetry for at least 30 minutes a day reduced their stress levels and lowered the risk of heart disease. A good book would do the trick.

45. Use honey instead of sugar: Honey has antioxidants to help with cardiovascular disease. Sugar decreases your levels of good cholesterol and can lead to heart-related disorders.

46. Smile: People who have a positive attitude are less likely to develop heart problems later on.

47. Get a degree: People with degrees have a lower risk of heart disease then those who are less educated because they are able to move up the earnings ladder.

48. Play hard: Regular vigorous activity reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Benefits can be seen by doing vigorous activity for 5-10 minutes at a time.

49. Pee in the bushes: Holding in your urine results in your bladder becoming full. This can raise your heart rate 9 beats per minute and can constrict your blood flow by 19%. Either can cause a heart attack.

50. Use a rotisserie: Cooking foods at high temperatures which produce advance glycation which reduces cell elasticity and increases the risk of heart disease. To fix this steam your vegetables, keep your meat moist by adding a marinade and cook foods longer at a lower temperature.

Become More Healthy Tips 41-50

41. Watch out when snacking or grazing. You can easily eat 500-600 calories without realizing it.

42. Watch the pasta. Go for whole wheat pasta and watch your portion sizes. One serving of pasta is 1/2 cup many people eat 4 times that amount.

43. Stay away from bagels. They aren’t worth the calories and the toppings don’t help.  Eat a slice of whole wheat toast instead.

44. Don’t ignore the serving size on the package. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Take Kraft dinner for example. Once prepared it says a serving has 220 calories. Many people would assume that’s for the whole box, but really that is for 1/4 of the box and I highly doubt that all of you eat only 1/4 of the box. That means you have to take 220 and multiply it by 4. One box has a whopping 880 calories.

45. Don’t snack on nuts. Yes nuts are healthy granted you eat the right kinds but they have a high calorie and fat content. Instead of eating a bowl of them garnish them in your salad or toss a few into your oatmeal.

46. Don’t think that energy bars and smoothies are all healthy. Many are loaded with sugar and calories.

47. If you want a smoothie make one at home with skim milk, frozen fruit and wheat germ.

48. If you really must eat takeout. Look at the nutrition information online ahead of time. Pick out the lowest calorie burger and have a diet soda. Bring that home and eat it with a salad or some vegetables instead of ordering fries. This can save you up to 800 calories.

49. Instead of eating a chocolate bar or chips have a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with a cup of skim milk and an apple.

50. Instead of buying chicken strips make your own with lean chicken breast.