6 Of The Best Tips on Choosing a Hosting Service

Choosing a web host is among the most important decisions that all website owners have to make and it is essential to pick a host carefully, as a wrongly chosen one can spoil the hard work that you have done over the design phase. Availability of large number of hosting services makes it quite difficult […]

Why You Need to Start Blogging

It seems that everyone is a blogger these days. Some of the blog topics are worth reading, while others are a waste of time. Either way, anyone with internet access and a working vocabulary is a blogger. Luckily, you only need to read halfway into the first post before deciding whether it’s a blog worth […]

Top 5 Post of 2009

Well 2009 is past. Here are the Top five Post according to traffic for 2009. The Good The Bad The Ugly 50 phrases you wish you could say at work Megan Fox Sexy Sunday 19 Jenny McCarthy Sexy Sunday 23 Tila Tequila Sexy Sunday 31 There you have it the top 5 visited post in […]

It May be The End

Well it may be the end for the Entrecard Widget on Malewail. Yesterday I received five emails in a row stating Your account ‘MaleWail’ on entrecard.com has been deleted. The administrator gave the following reason: site reported to cause malicious pop-ups and crashes. account can be re-instated after problem is dealt with on your end. […]

Invitation from Malewail

Image by Kristian D. via Flickr Do you have interesting stories to tell? Opinions you want to express? Or do you just want to write a post to share? If so this is your opportunity. You can write about toys men love, motorcycles, ATV’s, cars, hunting gear, boats, man rooms, cigars. Or comments on TV […]