Strange but True Health Tips

Break a high fever: When you have a fever of up to 102 degrees it’s considered mild and can be easily treated at home by drinking lots of fluids. Anything higher you need to get the temperature down fast. Place icepacks under your arm or by your groin. It will be uncomfortable for a bit but it will work. Next be sure to see a doctor.

Change your name: People with positive initials like W.O.W, or J.O.Y live 4 1/2 times longer then people with initials like A.S.S or D.U.D who live 3 years less.

Splint a broken arm with a magazine: To make a temporary cast place your wrist palm side down on a thick magazine. Roll the magazine into a U shaped cradle and secure with tape.

Straighten your drive: If you’re taking a long drive imagine someone just poured a glass of cold water down your back. Your shoulders pull back and your spine curves. This is the position you should be in while driving.

Use the first stall: An analysis  of 51 public bathrooms found they had less bacteria. This is because most people don’t want to be near the door where the traffic comes in. When you’re finished using the washroom stand up and then flush. When you flush a fine mist of water sprays up and it can contain bacteria’s including Hepatitis.

Accuse others of taking your keys: People react differently when they lose something. You may have noticed younger  people are quick to blame others for when they lose their keys. While older people blame themselves for misplacing their keys. Never use your age as an excuse for anything like this and you will remain younger longer.

Scratch the other limb: If you have a cast on your arm, leg or wherever, and you suddenly get the urge to itch. Trying scratching the same spot on the opposite side and it may fool your brain into thinking you have scratched the real itch.

Flush away trouble: This may sound strange, but it’s guaranteed to work. Take some flushable paper and a pencil and write down things or names of people that may be getting to you. Place them in the bowl and flush. You’ll be surprised at just how great you will feel.

Shave your moustache and sniff less: If you have a moustache wash it twice a day with soap. Studies have shown that people who do this use less antihistamines and decongestants. Possibly because pollen has been washed away.

Disinfect wounds with honey: By pouring a bit of honey on a cut before bandaging it you will help your body destroy common wound infecting bacteria. Honey is known to have powerful antibacterial properties.

Skip antibacterial soap: There is no reason to buy or use antibacterial soap. There has been no evidence to suggest it is stronger or any better then regular soaps. Some argue that it may make bacteria stronger and more resistant to the existing germ killers.

Keep the willies at bay: For those of you who are claustrophobic take a whiff of a green apple it may help to relieve the sensation of being closed in. If you are selling your house place a basket of green apples on the kitchen table it may make potential home buyers think the house is bigger then it really is.

Call Dr. Pepper: If you nick yourself in the kitchen grab the black pepper. Run cold water over your cut and clean with soap especially if you were handling raw meat. Next sprinkle pepper on your cut and apply pressure. Before you know it the bleeding will stop. Pepper is known to have antibacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic properties.

Pet away high blood pressure: Many studies have shown that by petting a dog you can keep your blood pressure under control when you’re feeling stressed which can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.